Kojima Productions further comment on Metal Gear Solid Rising’s development

Kojima Productions further comment on their long development process of their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game, Metal Gear Solid Rising.

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Shojin12436d ago

This game will be HOT!

NukaCola2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Gameplay will be badass for sure. But they better not skimp this story. I don't want a spin off. I still want no less than 5 hours of cutscenes. And if at all possible, can we get a split screen fight with Vamp, like how Snake fought the gheckos in MGS4 when the screen was split with a Vamp/Raiden fight? Would be a sweet tie in to the entire series. It's probably one of the most solid tales in gaming. If anyone ever gets the chance to read the MGS DataBase app on PSN, it's amazing. It's a Wikipedia of info about the entire series, and it's kind of scary how well done this series is tied right into real events of history. This is like an alternate world that is sync with our own. I love it to death.

Batzi2436d ago

Apology accepted. Now show us the game!

geddesmond2436d ago

Sometimes a game takes too long to develop that people eventually stop caring about them.

I have no hype for MGS rising anymore and when it finally releases I doubt I will buy it. Its the same thing for FF14 and FFV13. When these games were announced I couldn't wait for them at all but now look. FF14 delayed 3 or 4 times on the PS3 and it still has no release date and FFV13 looks like it will be a 2013 release date for that.

In the meantime Square Enix had time to work on FF13-2, FF10 HD and building a next gen engine but they still can't finish FFV13.

Then you have Kojima productions who have time to build a new gaming engine and make a PS Vita version of MGS Rising yet they can't finish MGS Rising for HD consols. Its BS. A gaming company should not announce a title unless it coming with in a year

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specialguest2436d ago

Ok ok! I'm getting the f**k out. (stumbles outside of my own house) now what do I do?