Diablo III beta impressions at Gaming Nexus

For some reason I was selected as one of the lucky ones who getsot to play the Diablo III beta first. This is probably causing much consternation to Mr. John Yan as this franchise is near and dear to his heart. More invites will be going out in waves as Blizzard ensures that their system can handle the load. This is a good thing as my first attempt to sign on and download the beta resulted in waiting on the website load. One hockey game later and everything was up and running smoothly.

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JsonHenry2315d ago

I wish I could give my own beta impression. I've been checking my spam/inbox folder religiously for the past month. One day soon..

Robotronfiend2315d ago

I was a let down when I tried to register for the D3 beta and couldn't opt-in because I had no other blizzard products tied to my account.

Good initial feedback from the beta! I'm hoping they allow folks without prior Blizzard products on that account to get into the beta soon.

I haven't had a good gaming blackout since early on in Borderlands. I can't wait!