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PSU: PlayStation Universe reviews Resident Evil 4 HD (PS3)

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RememberThe3572252d ago

This was one of my favorite game on the PS2, I still got it on my shelf here. I might have to try it out and get some trophies :)

Plus, I wanna use that tommy-gun again that thing was so fun.

hard joe2252d ago

u m8 have to reconsider
i heard that
no trophy, not HD, no move support

Sitris2252d ago

There is definitely trophies, and the game has HD in the title. Fail.

snake-OO2252d ago

the game has no platinum trophy, and the game is not hd, its up scaled textures unlike god of war collection which was hd.

hard joe2252d ago

i just read ign review
the hd in the title does not mean hd remake
instead it's just quick upscale
which makes the game looks bad
did any of you guys read ign review?

Pozzle2248d ago

Yep, it's an upscaling. Not a complete HD remake. The game doesn't look "bad" per se. But there is practically no difference in the original Gamecube's appearance and the appearance of the "HD remake". I even noticed the jaggies on character models and objects hadn't been smoothed out. :/

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Ocean2252d ago

Yeah it does have trophies (abiet not many) and it looks great remastered in HD

Jury2252d ago

I'm happy to say I have never played this or Code Veronica yet I have played all the others

so im buying both of them.

franko2252d ago

Code Veronica is the best Resident game ever. I've played all Resident games, i even bought game cube for remastered resident and mgs games.

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