I have a feeling we're not in Tokyo anymore.

With major Japanese developers moving towards creating games that with Western aesthetics, has the Japanese aesthetic been put on the endangered list?

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MattS2433d ago

I was just in Japan, and no, no they're not. Especially the likes of Tecmo Koei... there are so many games in Japan that don't get released in the West.

Legion2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

That is true but if you look at the titles that are in the stores they are very low budget for the most part. The titles that don't make it out of Japan usually don't for a reason. They are the typical... redundant fanfare that they know will sell to the local gaming community regardless of quality.

Just a few examples:
Love Death
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!
Super Galdelic Hour
Derby Stallion

All weird games that really get the attention of the locals but do nothing for most anyone outside of Japan.

geno93n02433d ago

Yeah, and if the current trend goes on, only Japan will get to enjoy Japanese games, which would suck for everyone else in the world.

Legion2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Many of the games are region free. they may not be advertised anyplace outside of Japan but just go to or other online retailers to purchase.

Just an example:

geno93n02433d ago

By region-free do you mean "also comes in English"? Because a game in a language I can't understand is pretty much a game I can't play.

Lord_Sloth2433d ago

Japanese games waning is very upsetting to me. Especially since DMC, 1 of my favorite Japanese games ever, is being westernized. this makes me cry.

bunfighterii2433d ago

MGS is the best Jap game series ever.

Hicken2433d ago

Problem with using Nier should be very evident: both games were released in Japan, which is why one is titled Gestalt and not just "Nier" as it was here in the West(regardless, it's an awesome game). Still, it's a shame the other version was not released here.

One of the issues is one that's Western-created: the lack of popularity of the more traditional Japanese-styled games. At least here in America, shooters are king. Games like Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Dragon Age dominate the rpg market, while Gears and Uncharted head the TPS genre.

The games that carry that Japanese aesthetic don't sell as well anymore, so it doesn't surprise me that they don't localize as many. Yes, it saddens me, because I've missed out on quite a few games I'm certain I'd have enjoyed, but I'm still not surprised.

Jdoki2433d ago

No, the Japanese aesthetic is alive and well.

Just because Capcom and SquareEnix have sold out to try and capitalise on Western gamers tastes does not mean the 'Japanese' games are dead... they will soon realise the reason they have been so popular in the past is because their games were NOT Westernised.

The appeal of many Japanese developers games is that they provided a completely different experience to Western developed games.

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