Toronto Thumbs Review: Tropico 4

From the Review:

"When last we visited the sun-drenched beaches of Tropico, things were looking very good. Haemimont’s take on the Caribbean city-building sim resulted in a solid system of managing both the people and the economy of your fledgling empire, all while currying favour with/dissuading invasion by the Cold War superpowers. Topped with online leaderboards and a catchy, enjoyable musical soundtrack, Tropico 3 and its expansion pack, Absolute Power, were games one could easily sink seventy hours into without even trying (I should know; I did).

This brings us rather neatly to Tropico 4, whose existence, quite honestly, took me by surprise when it was announced. The changes from the previous version to this one are not the large, sweeping advances you would expect from a numerical sequel (see: Tropico 2 to Tropico 3) but refinements and polish to the existing engine."

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