Battlefield 3 Spec Beyond Most Gamers

How many of the queried Steam users are actually inclined to buy a game like Battlefield 3? It’s hard to say, but Steam’s online gaming community is massive, and a statistic as frightening as 68.77% of its userbase failing to meet the recommended graphics card in power should worry some.

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caboose322317d ago

A game hasn't done this for pc gaming since the original crysis.

It finally gives me a reason to upgrade my computer after all these years.

solar2316d ago

agreed. and this is what we love as PC gamers. games that push technology. its a win all around.

Voxelman2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

so about 11 million potential customers that happen to have an active steam account already have hardware capable of playing the game, plus those that will get an upgrade for BF 3 and Metro Last light etc then there is the fact the game will probably be active for another 5+ years anyway like Battlefield 2 which is still being played and even sold today believe it or not.

CaptCalvin2316d ago

5 years is definitely the direction EA does not want BF3 to go in, especially in today's age of franchise milking. That's why they decided to do away with mods and amp up the DLC and expansion packs.

hadriker2317d ago

There is a few things wrong with this story.

1. they make an assumption that "recommended" = medium, yet they point to no specific source to back up that claim. There is also reports of those who have played the alpha and from Dice themselves, that this is probably wrong.

2. his facts don't back up his headline. almost 95% of those surveyed meet the min requirements for gpu, and over 90% have the required minimum dual core processors. In both cases less than 6% of those surveyed do not meet the min requirements.

So the statement "Battlefield 3 Spec Beyond Most Gamers" isn't really qualified. In fact according to the survey, we can infer the opposite.

iamnsuperman2316d ago

I agree the statement doesn't really make much sense. The minimum may not look that good but if it is playable the game is not beyond most gamers. He could say the higher specs are beyond most gamers which may be true

Voxelman2316d ago

the low settings will still probably be as good as the console spec and medium will look better so it's all good and most games high/ultra these days probably don't look as good as medium spec on BF3 anyway.

Motorola2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Someone from EA on twitter said recommneded = medium... And you can go to the Steam Hardware Survey and look at what percent has what video card. About 5 percent have Gtx 460/560s.

KonaBro2316d ago

that they don't know where the "recommended = medium" assumption came from was addressed on NeoGAF earlier today. Someone tweeted a EA person and asked if having your computer meet recommended specs meant you could play on High/Ultra. The EA person responded that recommended = medium. If you want to play on Ultra you have to be running two 580s in SLI. While this sounds bad ass, I literally bought my PC today and bought a 650 Ti and now I'm looking at Medium/High at best. Not really cool.

outwar60102316d ago

i bought a msi 6850 cyclone edition like a month ago it plays witcher 2 at 720p on ultra (without uber sampling) and get average of 62 fps but im going to probably going have problems on high with this game

outwar60102316d ago

ps 650 ti isnt out yet ?

KonaBro2316d ago

My mistake mate. Meant the 560 Ti. Haha.

stevenhiggster2316d ago

I played in the Alpha with a system that just exceeds the recommended specs and I left the graphics option to 'Auto' and it set me to high.
And I fiddled about with the settings a bit too and there really wasn't much difference other than particles and volumetric effects that changed between High and Low (there was no ultra in the Alpha).
So worry not, it'll still look awesome on a 'medium' system. And if anything you'll pwn more online with the settings turned down anyway, less smoke in your face.

KonaBro2316d ago

The Alpha was locked at Low specs so that everyone could run it decently. We honestly have no idea what BF3 looks like running at Ultra because they haven't shown us yet. The videos themselves might not even be Ultra. We'll have to wait for the Beta to see once and for all.

stevenhiggster2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

There were 3 different graphics options (low,med and high), and visable differences between them!

rfowler302316d ago

this is what crysis 2 was meant to be, battlfield 3 will be our crysis 1(this time with better optimization). if a 2xgtx 580s can play at over 100 fps at 1080p max dx11 settings, then it was no where near its predeccsor(so hard to find a gtx 580 sli review with crysis 2, had to subsitute for the asus mars II)
i am greatly looking forward to this, although i have to say steam isnt getting battfield 3, if origin had a hardware survey things may be different in terms of hardware specs, although probally unlikely.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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