Modern Warfare 3 Co-op Would Take Away From the Experience

When Modern Warfare 3 releases this fall it will have many new game modes. One of which, will not be campaign co-op. Robert Bowling recently went on the record to shoot down the rumors that campaign co-op was coming to the game this time around. He told fans of the game that the cooperative play references that were made recently, were in direct relation to the Spec-Ops mode which was detailed recently...........

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Hufandpuf2520d ago

You can't have 2 soap mactavishes.

LackTrue4K2519d ago

that and i know they can push 60 fps like they always brag about!

JellyJelly2520d ago

The real reason being it requires work.

Soldierone2519d ago

I think its dumb. Games used to do it all the time. You have two characters running around and the second player character disappears during the cutscenes. Hell being this you could just put in the extra effort of adding one or two lines of dialogue, "hey soldier tag along with me" and have player two be a random soldier during missions.....but that requires effort.

-Mika-2519d ago

exactly, alot of ps2 and ps3 games do that.

Jack_DangerousIy2518d ago

[email protected] immediately comes to mind. They did it just find in that game. So many missed opportunities for co-op in these first person shooters.

One day.... one day it will be a basic function.

El_Colombiano2519d ago

That laggy one we've all been playing since 2007.

Bathyj2519d ago

Who gives a damn if it makes sense to the story, or if its weird in the cut scenes. Is anyone gonna be thinking about that when theyre run and gunning with their best mate besides them?


You know what great in Co-op? No, not Resistance 3, well it might be, I havent tried it yet, but SWAT 4. Someone (maybe the people that own it) needs to bring that game back. We used to have LAN parties with 2 or 3 of us taking down terrorist, trying to get live captures and not lossing hostages. Great game, and I'm not really a MP player, since Mariokart 64 days.

Soldierone2519d ago

Those games were awesome! I'm hoping PayDay does something good! It was fun as heck at E3, I just hope it stays active and clues developers to make more games like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.