FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is One Disc on Xbox 360

Confirmed to be on one DVD and one blu-ray disc for release.

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jc485732495d ago

lol, (I see faces: ???).

Trophywhore2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Another gimped FF game confirmed.

Please keep Versus exclusive at least. All this delay time is starting to make me raise an eyebrow. Im still hopeful though.

Biggest2495d ago

I'm a little lost on this one. FFXIII wasn't extremely long as far as RPGs go. How can a new game with the same general idea fit in 1/3 the space? Are they really going to charge $60 for a much smaller game or did they find a new way to reduce the data size while maintaining the game size/length?

fr0sty2495d ago

This is why they announced the DLC along with the game itself, they're just not going to sell you the rest of the game and make you purchase and download it separately. This keeps MS happy as well since the 2 versions have parity, and Square doesn't have to pay any extra licensing or production costs for the extra discs.

Trophywhore2495d ago

More experience with 360 hardware and more efficient compression methods probably made one DVD possible. Even so, taking shortcuts and compressing the hell out of a game does it no good graphical or audio wise, which is why FF games lost that graphical crown they used to have in the ps2 days.

Godmars2902495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Because it was PS3-only mid-production. Regardless of how the game turned out, the dev team started w/o space being much of a concern then had to change gear half way.

So chances are, yes, vsXIII will be effected if it goes multi.

And still they couldn't be bothered to include other play modes. Include on rails shooter segments much less an overworld map.

Heck, this makes me think that my ideas for XIII could have been used:

Not that they were thinking along those lines.

iamtehpwn2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Here's how they cut space:

Because they're majorly only using real time cut scenes. This is requirement of the "Live action" and QTEs that happen through out the game. Only 6.8gb of FFXIII was revealed to be Real time data, which makes the actual game content. Which means...yes. Cutting out all the movie scenes, FFXIII was 6.8gb. A lot smaller than you'd imagine.

So yes, there are significantly less pre-rendered cut scenes this time and that cut out most of the extra space requirements. Or did you guys honestly forget how big a 1080p Movie file is?

The stupidity of some of the comments here is laughable. Even if you look at trailers, you can tell almost all the cut scenes now are real time. They've said this several times.

Peaceful_Jelly2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

And there you have it all dissected. And another link just because...

gaffyh2494d ago

Wtf? Doesn't this just mean that the game is going to barely be a JRPG? I HOPE it is at least using XGD3 and has only cutscenes, then I think the game will have substantial content. However, I've never seen an FF where they used ONLY cutscenes.

On the other hand, 1 disc on both platforms means that the game can be open-world in a sense, because you should be able to go anywhere at any time, other than when the story doesn't allow it.

Eamon2494d ago

Hmm, this is actually VERY interesting.

If it's true that now all cutscenes are real-time instead of the usual pre-rendered cutscenes we saw in FF13, this is actually a significant step in videogame design for Square-Enix.

Mainly, because the cutscenes we've seen in trailers look really great. I mean, there's hardly any difference between the real-time cutscenes of FF13-2 and the pre-rendered cutscenes of FF13.

So the three discs of FF13 was used to include all those big pre-rendered cutscenes.

lastdual2494d ago


Exactly. What this really means is fewer cutscenes and more in-game cinematics, which is perfectly fine.

Square's cutscenes have always been pretty, but incorporating these sequences into the actual gameplay is a step forward.

Heartnet2494d ago


The length of the game was not the problem it was the amount of cutscenes and how compressed or how uncompressed they were..

If they compressed the cutscenes and models and shiz they cud probably get 13 onto one disc..

That is assuming they did leave some of the stuff uncompressed and used multiple discs

RedDead2494d ago

oho...Versus team started redoing Pre rendered in real time...reason?

ABizzel12494d ago

A minor addition that's being forgotten is that 360 disc now have a tad more storage than they did when FF13 first released.

palaeomerus2494d ago

FF XIII was a badly designed mess.

And according to Square Enix FF XIII Versus only entered actual "full production" about two weeks ago.

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TreMillz2495d ago

Its official folks...FFXIII-2 is DLC for XIII!!! Thank you DVD9 ;) /s

firefoxprime2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Argh. Why did SE have to multiplatform this XIII??? Why oh why man.

Xbox gamers(most...not all) are primarly shooter hogs. If you wanna play jap games, buy a jap console. Plain and simple. Seriously. Alot of the 360 gamers used to be sony/nintendo gamers. They ditch the jap consoles, and now they demand for the titles they abandoned to come over to them. Something STINKS.

SE screwed up this gen on numorous ocassions. So of course they'd sell out and multiplat XIII. Now they're pumping out XII-2 a year later while Versus is "still" in development after 6 freakin years.

When I hear some Xbox gamers say

"oh hey. Is Versus coming over to xbox too? Its only fair."

I just wanna stomp'em in their faces.

tickticktick2494d ago

Why is it people assume FF was Sony's? Nintendo had it first.

DigitalAnalog2495d ago

Considering they've cut enough "content" in the previous title to make a game. I'm guessing this is "missing" content the original FFXIII was supposed to have.

But then again, misinformed people would like to spin it otherwise.

-End statement

Tanir2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

how on earth is it possible for a 60+ hour game to be cut content lmao, hahaha, thats hilarious. i mean unless ff13 was going to be ridiculously enourmous, have new characters, time skip, older versions of characters, new enemy and plot, then wow, game musta been massive originally, woulda been the biggest rpg ever

i mean sure some content may have been from tthe cut content, but come on, thats like barley anything

Dark_Overlord2494d ago


I believe DigitalAnalog may have been reffering to this news piece


"According to art director Isamu Kamikokuryou from Final Fantasy XIII all that cut stuff from the game could likely make a whole new game!"

DigitalAnalog2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Thanks, I didn't have time to look for the article.


"how on earth is it possible for a 60+ hour game to be cut content lmao"

You don't need "content" to make a game 60+, RPG or JRPG's in general have grinding sessions which makes up 90% of the game time. D_O just pointed out the article which verifies my point. And if you noticed the trend of Final Fantasy is that they have HUGE content. FFXIII was pretty lackluster especially in current-gen standards.

-End statement

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Trebius2494d ago

Even years after 360's release we're still hurting and feeling the effects of its outdated hardware. Now FFXIII isnt going to have beautiful cutscenes anymore, and it's being chopped up into DLC as well. 360 gimped this whole generation of gaming. Sad.

Eamon2494d ago


I'm not sure about there being fewer cutscenes. Cutscenes are cutscenes, whether they are played like a video or rendered real-time. The entirety of MGS4's cutscenes were real-time and the entirety of Uncharted 2's cutscenes were pre-rendered. But both looked fantastic.

So Square felt they can now put the cutscenes as game script rather than as video files if the difference of production quality is hardly anything. And it saves space.

showtimefolks2494d ago

because SE have already announced DLC for it. why put it on 2 disks for free when you can sell it few weeks after launch.

i don't mind games on multiple disk nothing wrong with that. Hopefully no content was cut to sell later as dlc.

gogospeedracer2494d ago

I really don't care how many discs it comes on. No ONE CARES!

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Ahasverus2495d ago

What kind of Sorcery is this?!?! D:

wwm0nkey2495d ago

Better compression methods and 360 discs now have an extra gig of space?

KingSlayer2495d ago

Compression is still going to rape the graphics. Still, 1 disc is more 2006.

wwm0nkey2495d ago

Meh its mostly going to effect the cut scenes than anything else.

Brawler2495d ago

An extra gig of space and compression will not help the missing 12gb+ of data FFXIII was so ya im assuming no good cut scenes as well as a very short FF game.

baodeus2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )


well game like RDR, GTA, Assassin Creed, Fallout, Skyrim aren't short game if at all, and they ran fine on 1 DVD, given they don't have 1080p CGI though. FF13-2 seem to have much more contents and more "open" than FF13 from what we have seen so far.

something to consider:

It takes up about 3.5MB/second
2 hr HD movie = 7200 second
3.5MG/s x 7200 second = 25.2 Gig

FF13 has roughly +10 hrs worth of HD cutscenes, so what do you think where all the content goes?

SilentNegotiator2494d ago

If they compressed anything comparable to the size of FF13 into one disc, the quality would be absolute garbage, from the sound to textures.

I think we can pretty much conclude that they made a short(er) game to fit on the DVD9.

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Godmars2902495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Probably not relying on HD video files and in-game cutscenes.

@Bigpappy #3:
The result will probably be lower quality graphics. Something that wont match the PS3 version of XIII, but at least be better than the one on the 360.

qwertyz2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

disk space doesn't affect graphics. look at metro 2033 its less than 10gb yet makes all your console games including gears 3 and uncharted 3 look like ps2 games.

bulletstorm is only 6gb on pc yet looks better than anything your consoles can ever produce. what does that tell you ?

crysis 1,2 and warhead are also less than 10gb yet make all your console games look like ps2 games even without mods or directx11 patch(for crysis 2) what does that tell you ?

its ram, memory bandwidth, fillrates and processing power that determine how good a game can look

disk space will only directly affects sound quality and resolution of cutscenes and thats about it.

you console gamers are never well informed anyways so your lack of knowledge doesn't surprise me.

ff13-2 might just have less dialogue and have engine driven cutscenes instead of pre rendered cutscenes which will mean the game will take up much less space than FF-13 did


killzone 3 is 40gb and still doesn't look near as good as any of those games even bulletstorm destroys killzone 3. by the way killzone 3 is 9gb game data and 32gb cutscenes(check digital foundries would you?)

uncharted 2 is 25gb yet doesn't look as good as even bulletstorm LOL

MGS4 is about 40gb yet doesn't even look as good as bulletstorm pc

God of war 3 is 35gb yet doesn't look as good as bulletstorm pc

I'm sure you understand what this means right? disk space simply doesn't determine how good a game looks.

by the way you console gamers are still uniformed you think the cell is powerful when its not even as powerful as a first gen core 2 duo but your fanboys and not computer engineers so I don't expect you to know that :/

lol neither console is even as poweful as a 2005 dual gpu high end pc lol PC FTW!!!

by the way crysis 1 IS 6.1gb you see further proof that you consolites talk without doing ANY research

PirateThom2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Disc space required:
Metro 2033 - 12GB
Bulletstorm - 9GB
Crysis 1 - 12GB
Crysis Warhead - 15GB
Crysis 2 - 9GB

Just because your torrents or disc images are whatever size, doesn't mean the actual installed files are that size.

But, hey, console gamers don't know anything, am I right?

Why o why2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Did qwerty just use the pc 2011. Ive yet to play a pc game that doesnt install. Is metro one of them or is he grasping at straws again. If disk space didnt matter ms wouldnt of freed up more go tell ms about metro on pc and that space makes no difference to graphics amongst other ..again, this is good news for 360 owners

iamgoatman2494d ago


"Just because your torrents or disc images are whatever size, doesn't mean the actual installed files are that size."

Funny you say that then list the required HDD space from the games system requirements and not the actual install size.

Crysis 1 install size in around 6GB, I have a fair few mods installed and mine comes to 6.44GB, hardly 12GB.

Crysis Warhead is the same, my installation size is 7.7GB and not 15GB like you listed as per the requirements.

"But, hey, console gamers don't know anything, am I right?"

You're certainly not doing them any favours thats for sure.

Christopher2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


1. Higher resolution graphics results in typically better quality as well as increased file size.

2. "Content" tends to require more graphical assets, which increase in size as resolution is increased. Games like Rage and FFXIII have content tailored to meet the needs of the discs, and graphical resolution is a massive part of that equation as it becomes a balancing game on all parts.

3. Most of the space on discs is audio and video. Most cut scenes in games are rendered in-engine and saved as video files. More space on a disc means the ability to store higher quality versions of these assets.

4. In this day in age where games are more frequently coming on multiple DVDs, it is obvious that the desire to produce more content alongside higher quality graphics are something to look at for the next generation of consoles.

5. You were half correct, but your trollish tone and need to be derogatory clouded your viewpoint.

Edit: Also remember that pushing it over by even the slightest fraction means replicating about 1GB of data, at least, on the second and other discs. So, while a PC game can download a complete 8GB package, it doesn't have to account for security data, uses a higher compression rate of graphics, nor does it have to replicate content across multiple discs no matter how many graphical assets you add to it.

iamgoatman2494d ago Show
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Bigpappy2495d ago

This is an interesting revelation. Now lets see the result.

units2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Director Motomu Toriyama cites increased use of real time event scenes, which has lead to a decrease in the game’s data volume

Simon_Brezhnev2495d ago

I know think this game will be short.

Simon_Brezhnev2495d ago

oops typed to fast i meant to put "now"