Has Rage Earned It's Hype?

Velocity Gamer: John Carmack, a legend in his own time. He can rightfully claim himself as the founder of the FPS genre. He can be attributed with having set the bullet riddled genre in motion through the success of Wolfenstein 3D and the eventual mega seller Doom, both technological milestones of their day. Come October, Id Software will drop Rage on the world. A gritty post apocalyptic racing/FPS that, judging by it's looks, is just begging to be played.

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Op242522d ago

I believe it has. It looks fun, they've shown plenty of gameplay and awesome trailers. Come october 4th and i'll be enjoying me some RAGE.

Voxelman2522d ago

id + 5 years dev time + id tech 5 + heaps of trailers and interviews = hype, how hasn't it earned it? If anything the title is under hyped.

kamakaz3md2522d ago

No... we all ready have fallout and borderlands. This game is nothing impressive. It may have great graphics and a crazy good framerate, but its not gonna sell all that much. The noobs will buy it cause they see something like this advertised they gotta get it. The average gamer has already played stuff like this and will find that its not that amazing.

coolbeans2522d ago

Let's wait until it's released before placing it with fallout and borderlands.


not everyone was totally sold on fallout and boarderlands.

I got fallout 3 and boarderlands but didn't really like boarderlands that much. not that it felt like it was a bad game or anything, it just didn't turn me on if you know what i mean.

I am a lot more interested in Rage now then I was a few months back and I think I will get it.

to say the game does nothing new is a fault I could level against 90% of all the games so far this gen.

A game does not always need to do something new if it can do it to the verry best of it's abilities.

Rage looks to be the type of game that does what it does Very, very well. lets wait and see.

Oschino19072521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Love when someone talks totally out of their ass as if its fact or they actually know or have had an experiance to back up their words. Why do the likes of you and many others even bother commenting on games you obviously know very very very little about....
If you feel you can back up your words with something other then solely your missguided opinions please feel free but as of now you just come off as a missinformed hater of the game whose sole purpose of commenting was to poo poo all over the game and attempt to bash anyone who thinks it will be good or planning to buy it. Do your research before spouting off like a tool next time, PLEASE!