Star Fox 64 3D Review (Empty Lifebar)

"Since Star Fox 64 came out in 1998, it has remained widely regarded as the last (albeit second) great entry into the franchise. The three sequels (adventure, assault and command) released since then had their own charm, but never quite reached the pedigree of the original two in either quantity or quality of content. With there not having been a truly great Star Fox game since Duke Nukem Forever was announced, it’s understandable that the vast majority of its audience has moved on."

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ignorantsonsof_2438d ago

Reviewers really need to get their facts straight. It's not a port, the gyro controls work perfectly if you calibrate it on a flat surface like it tells you to (I mean come on I went through the whole game using just one hand,) he didn't even mention expert mode, and he couldn't even tell that all the voices were redone by most of the same voice actors.