Barrel Roll Podcast #134 – “Shoot Shoot Jump Man” writes:

"This week on the show, Jonah, Jesse and Wes are joined by Mike Bachmann of “A Fistful of Pixels“. He also wrote a review for WingDamage that one time.

On our “What Games We Played” segment of the show, Jesse finally gets around to talking about Xenoblade Chronicles and its amazing, super-British localization. Wes and Mike both give us their feelings on the new Jetpack Joyride. Jonah talks about Space Marine and how many times the game says “Space Marine”, which it does with a surprising frequency. Mike has also been playing Dead Island and gives us the good with the bad. Finally, our “Let’s Play Together” returns for talk of the recent XBLA release of Radiant Silvergun.

The guys also discuss the new releases of the week and the gaming news. All this and more on Barrel Roll #134, “Shoot Shoot Jump Man”."

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