NBA 2K12 – Bettering the Best Sports Game Ever

MMGN writes: t’s quite depressing to be talking about the NBA knowing that the beginning of the season is nowhere in sight. The players strike over pay and the league’s stern (but admirable) stance to not give in to the union’s demands have all but ruled out an NBA season for 2012, which is rather disappointing.

I won’t get into the boardroom battles between the players and the league – I’ll leave that for the forums – but what I will discuss is NBA 2K12, a game that definitely has the capacity to fill the basketball void over the next few months. It has very, very big shoes to fill, as NBA 2K11 is arguably the best sports game ever made. Its depth, difficulty, modes and presentation propelled it above all else in the genre, so it’s no surprise that all eyes are on NBA 2K12 as its October 7 release approaches.

Can NBA 2K12 better its award-winning, critically acclaimed and much-loved predecessor? You bet it can!

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MorbidlyAbeast2491d ago

The game is largely the same in terms of graphics, and physics, but the fact that they've tuned the game, fixed many nuisances and introduced some cool features will make the experience a lot better and the fun should last quite a while this time around

Raptura2491d ago

Yeah, and since there's no NBA season, maybe this year the purchase can be justified to fill the void. lolz

Jury2491d ago

they had me at 30 greatest teams. I'm glad its not just the superstars ...sold!