IGN: Resident Evil 4 HD Review

Considering the sheer number of ports that exist for Resident Evil 4, there's a good chance you've played this survival horror/third person shooter classic. What started with the definitive GameCube exclusive creeping over to the PlayStation 2 shortly after its initial release has bled into ports aplenty of Leon's survival horror/third-person shooter adventure. The latest takes shape as Resident Evil 4 HD for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. How'd it turn out? Glad you asked, stranger.

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49erguy2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I've played this classic a million times and the main reason I was getting it was for the graphical upgrade. That plus no move support plus no platinum sucks. No buy from me.

In addition I think all last gen HD upgrades should have 60FPS like the MGS and GOW collection

Quagmire2525d ago

Missed opportunity by Capcom. Wii functions ported across to Move and in HD wouldve been welcome by many move owners such as myself.

However, another reason why Im not buying is because of the digital download. I like to sell my games once I've finished them, hence I wouldve preferred a disc release.

coolfool2525d ago

I also don't see why they can't go for 1080p with every HD remake.

paradigmfellow2525d ago

I am boycotting this. These games should have been released on a disk

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Kon_Artist 2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

idk if this trend is a good thing or no..
yes we get to play great old classics.
no cause they might charge too much for them and the devs should be putting time on new games.

DigitalAnalog2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

This is by far one of the laziest ports for a remastering and it ends up having the same score is the SoTC and ICO collection?

What exactly is wrong with Capcom? The Wii version ended up being the most definitive of the ports, yet how can they not put that much effort for this re-mastering as well as the having an inclusive move support?

-End statement

--Onilink--2525d ago

easy that was capcom 5 years ago, i think we all know how much has capcom gone downhill in these past years in terms of keeping us happy and not constanlty screw us...

SweatyFlorida2525d ago

Which is why we need to show that laziness won't get you sells in the gaming industry! Sick of these devs/companies thinking they can walk all over us consumers with half-ass work!

No buy from me! This was a truly remarkable game back in the day and it's a HUGE let down that it couldn't have gotten the treatment it should have with today's tech. To top it off no move support (it WAS on the Wii) and no platinum?? F-U CAPCOM!!!!

Pozzle2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I must admit, I'm surprised so many reviewers are giving RE4 HD such a high score. Resident Evil 4 is an amazing game, no doubt. But considering how lazy this port is, I don't think it deserves the high scores that its getting. It gives people the wrong impression that this is a HD remake that is as good as all the other HD remakes that have actual effort put in them.

...The strange thing is, reviews absolutely BLASTED the Mortal Kombat HD Collection for being a simple upscaling that didn't change/update anything from the original MK games. They called it lazy and complained that the devs didn't do enough for it to warrane being a "HD Collection". Ugh reviews are so confusing. :/

Bathyj2525d ago

No Move, no thanks. Another botched opportunity. I have to wonder if this is part of M$'s "dont make it better on Playstation" attitude.

Hey, its a fair assumption to make, given what we've learnt about them lately.

The sad thing is I really want to spend my money on these old games. I'm just not about to throw it away.

Biggest2525d ago

Yup. I'll take the three "free" earlier versions and leave it at that. Capcom won't get any extra money for less work.

Neo Nugget2525d ago

"...The graphics come straight from the GameCube version with simple upscaling versus a full HD overhaul"

God, this sucks. I knew something was wrong when I loaded this up today. It hardly looks any different than what I've played before. Maybe a LITTLE cleaner here and there.

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