Low Resistance 3 Sales Paint An Uncertain Future

With the lower-than-expected sales number posted by Insomniac's Resistance 3, the future of the critically acclaimed franchise is definitely in question.

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WhiteLightning2405d ago

What's with all these low sales for Resistance 3 articles.....jesus

The game was great...that's what matters, other games have done worse and they've all gotten sequels. It's like "Oh look a chance to hop aboard the Sony hate train......ALL ABOARD"

smashcrashbash2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Its pathetic how fast these articles are being approved. This is the sixth article that says exactly the same thing as the others. We have been over this a million times with every exclusive we have had from the first Resistance to GOW3 to GT5. And they all end up selling fine and having sequels.We will hear this again for UC3, TM and Starhawk.

@-Mika- Besides Gears and Halo many 360 exclusives are ignored or don't sell that well.e.g. Alan Wake, Perfect Dark. We on the PS3 have many games to choose from in both exclusives and multiplats. We cannot buy them all the first day or in the same quantity.GT5, GOW3, UC2, LBP 1 and 2, Infamous and LBP2 sold well over a million units.Just because R3 didn't do as well the first week as Gears is not that big a deal. Many games despite their high scores did not do that well at first or at all among gamers.

Don't let these stupid articles throw you off. The reviewers loved R3 and you shouldn't let it stop you from enjoying it too. Barely anyone brought Psychonauts or Okami at all and they were some of the best games I have ever played

DarkTower8052405d ago

I just beat R3, it's the best of the series, and this is what R2 should have been. R2 kept me from buying R3 so I rented it. Had R2 been better I would probably have bought R3. Insomniac took a step backwards on R2 and lost a lot of trust in me and others, it happens. I hope they learned a lesson.

Now, the sales I wouldn't call horrible, but you can't call it a big success either. I just hope Insomniac and Sony make some profit. Insomniac regained my trust with R3, if they continue the franchise I would definitely buy the next game.

adonis1832405d ago

R3 is generic, sony has bad marketing.

kreate2405d ago

i still want insomniac to make a Resistance:Fall of Man 2

dantesparda2405d ago

im sorry but Resistance:Fall of Man isgeneric, its the blandest out of the series

Soldierone2405d ago

I'm actually noticing a very low quality of articles period. I mean I have seen several of these sales are "low" articles and they all mention the same thing with absolutely nothing to add to the conversation. They are simply flaming the hell out of IG and Resistance fans and in return none of us care at all.

Also I keep seeing repeated articles about Battlefield. I saw two or three of the same "beta" articles with the exact same information. Why dont we all just use the official site and have alt sources? Its rather sad.

JoGam2405d ago

I got Resistance 3 day three and I felt the game is amazing. I bragged to my friends about the story so far. But then I played multiplayer and it was laggy. I didn't enjoy it at all. Then I tried the Move and that too was horrible. All I'm saying is how can they expect sales when word of mouth is still the number factor and I can't suggest a game to friends when its broken or having issues. Its bad enough I felt as if I wasted $60 on a unfinished game.

fathoms2405d ago

A great example of what multiplayer gaming has done to the industry. Can't just leave it at, "single-player campaign is one of the best available." No, not anymore. Yay.

SoapShoes2405d ago

Even with the slight framerate issues and lag it wasn't unplayable or unenjoyable and the fact that there are always people on(even before they fixed it) shows that it's not a crippling mess.

ginsunuva2405d ago

So the sp was great, but the mp was laggy, so the entire $60 was wasted?

-Mika-2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Those sales just disgust me. While gears of war 3 sold 300,000 and possibly more in 1 day. This sells 274,000 and it only been a week or two.

I don't know why xbox exclusives always sell more than sony but it has to stop.

I understand some of you are cheap but try to support sony titles. Im disgusted that infamous 2 still hasn't passed the 1mil mark! Im just tired of people not supporting quality titles. It mind boggling how many people praise Sony exclusives but then they continue to sell like crap.

Overall guys it not hard to save up $60. A game release date is usually announced months before it actually comes out so there no excuse to buy a game used or wait until the price drop down. There really is no excuse. I hope uncharted sells 300K or more in it first day because if it doesn't. I'll just give up on the PS community.

Megaton2405d ago

There's a massive gap in PR between Gears and Resistance. Microsoft threw launch parties in public places around the globe for Gears 3. Sony tossed out a couple bad commercials for R3.

-Mika-2405d ago

Well Sony has to step up their advertising up with uncharted 3. I really hate seeing good games sell badly.

gumchewinasskikr2405d ago

Guys calm down. It's only been a couple of weeks. This game will keep selling. Not every game can and will sell millions the first couple of weeks.

evrfighter2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

This game only has a month to make an impact before it becomes a forgotten title.

Bf3, skyrim, uc3, arkham, rage. Mw3 (almost forgot that one)

I doubt it breaks the 1 million mark at a 60 dollar price point

cobblestone192405d ago

@evrfighter: FYI-Resistance 3 will still be on shelves in October. It will sell fine. The reviews for it are great. The response for it is great. That's all that matters.

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tiffac0082405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Sales is also indicative of the difference of what age bracket is playing on which console. I believe there is a study that says older gamers which was PS1 era gamers are on the PS3 while the 360 has the younger audience.

As an old gamer with lots of mouths to feed I'll go with the cheaper route but as a young gamer who has money to spend I can afford a game outright.

Not to mention there are a lot of tweeners out there who will have their parents buy the games for them and is easily swayed by what ads they see than word of mouth.

-Mika-2405d ago

Well then Sony needs to market their system and games to those tweens because they are obviousley spending money on games while the adults aren't.

Like i said in my first post. Game release dates are announced months before the actual game comes out so it really not that hard to save up $60 in 2 months or more. It really isn't.

So overall, based om your post. Sony should just give up on making mature ips and just start making mindless shooter games with alot of gore.
At-least then it should easily sell in the millions.

UltimateIdiot9112405d ago


You're not getting it are you? PS exclusives has usually been about having long legs and catering to all sorts of folks. Do you know why I prefer PlayStation system? It has variety and has been supported by gamers who also has a wider range of taste. Sony knows this and has been doing well supporting gamers like me. Gamers who aren't sway by day 1 numbers, gamers who try new IPs, gamers who just want to enjoy a good game when they have time. Sure a huge day 1 sale is great but consistence sales over time is just as good.

Maybe when you get older and have less time for games, you'll understand why Sony's strategy is a great one for gamers. Sony exclusive sales are like a warm fireplace vs 360 exclusive sales being a huge short burst of massive flame.

tiffac0082405d ago


I'm not saying Sony doesn't have work to do in swaying the younger audience, all I'm saying at this point this is the demographic that's playing on each console and with Kinect the 360 is taking the Wii casual market, especially in NA.

But we also have to consider Sony just have too many products to advertise since they are a hardware tech manufacturer so I doubt they can give their full advertisement focus on games like what MS can and even if they could they don't have the cash depth that MS have out spend the competition.

UltimateIdiot9112405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The PS community is about variety. I have no interest in resistance 1, 2, and 3. It's just not my cup of tea. So forgive me if I don't mindlessly run out and buy R3 just to boost sales number for fanboys to boast abour. I did however bought infamous 2 since I enjoy the first one. There are so many games coming out and many big Sony first party as well as third party exclusives. Even if I had the money, I certainly don't have the time. I plan on getting games I know I will play asap. I don't want my backlog to get out of hand because by the time I clear up my log, the price for other titles on my list would fall in price.

Also, which part of the PS community are you talking about? PS has always been about catering all different audience which includes family, casual, hardcore, whatever so there are many different genre in terms of PS first party games. You can't expect all to sell like 360 games.

We get a few titles that don't sell as well and it's OMG WTF, YOU GUYS SUCKKK.
It's like some of you guys forget how well Heavy Rain or other unique titles sold. If you look at my collection I only own 1 fps, and that is MAG.

ginsunuva2405d ago

360 players are kids and teens who don't have to work to make money. They don't have to save up or be cheap. They just make their parents buy stuff when they whine for it.

ATi_Elite2405d ago

I agree with you Mika!!!

Sony has some quality titles but PS3 owners just are not buying them. As a Gamer i feel it's really dumb to blame low sales on ad campaigns cause any REAL Gamer knows when a quality product is coming out.

I do not understand the PS3 community. They brag about PS3 exclusives but they only buy a few of them as the rest suffer from low sales. Now Socom4 sucked so I'm not talking about that but like MLB 11 The Show and infamous2 and a few others.

Meanwhile Medal of Honor Ps3 is 2.36m while KZ3 is 1.8m and KZ3 blows MOH away!! This i do not understand!!

Evetssteve2405d ago

"but it has to stop". LOL ok

Soldierone2405d ago

Notice the massive marketing campeign behind Gears. Sony couldn't afford to do that for every single game they release if they wanted to without cutting corners elsehwere, such as system updates etc....and I don't want that.

MS had massive launch parties, huge marketing (they even got an American Chopper episode), and not only that how many places can you go right now to get it for 40 dollars or cheaper? Even Gamestop had a deal today for that and you didn't have to trade in a buttload of games to get it.

Not saying either game is bad. I'm saying if MS released 7 massive titles in one year, at least 5 of them would have similar sales numbers for sure.

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Aussiegamer2405d ago

ZOMG Everyone quick jump on the lets all write a r3 salez fail piece so we can geta megga hits.

All Aboard sony hate train still a few seats left in the back. lol

Next up what r3 did bad, or why r3 failed is salez, or will r4 ever come out?. lol

My copy arrived yesterday can't wait to play it.

SoapShoes2405d ago

And where the hell did we get these numbers exactly? If it's from VGChartz they are not legitimate as they have no official source. If it's NPD then world wide numbers are probably much higher and not bad at all.

Still even if these are just North American numbers then it's still decent and will eventually do good over the months. We go through this with EVERY PS3 exclusive with articles claiming that it sold poorly but look at those games now. Uncharted 2 was poked at for selling poorly but it's sitting at over 5 million now. Most PS3 games have legs.

smashcrashbash2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Exactly. Last time I checked Resistance was in 3rd place in sales over several games. Everyone claimed UC2 was a failure because of sales and it reached 5 million. Same with Move and GT5. No one EVER learns. How can it be third place in game sales and failing?

SoapShoes2405d ago

So true! It topped the PS3 sells charts in the UK and came in second for another week. It was third over all in North America.... It did JUST fine and will continue to sell well into 2012. These numbers aren't official from anywhere...

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