No PSN-required DRM for Resident Evil 4 HD on Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 version of the just-released Resident Evil 4 HD does not include any strict DRM that requires you to log-in to the Playstation Network.

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just_looken2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Is is a old sp game thats been remade yes so why would it have this to begin with? if it was publish by ubishit and on pc ok good news but its not. Also its not a full psplus title.

JussBlazn2375d ago

that's what I was thinking...why would a SP game need DRM at all.

FAGOL2375d ago

It's just Capcom being...well Capcom.

thrashermario2375d ago

i still have that game on gamecube