Top Five Most Anticipated Games Posted

Play Tribune writes: "Here’s a nice little look into the depths of my twisted mind, where dreams of untold horrors and dark schemes for World Domination reside… next to this little list of ten games I really look forward to playing. I’ve included a little haplessly creative flavor in describing each one. And don’t be timid… excoriate my taste for these titles at your leisure. That’s what this is for."

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RobertWright2434d ago

Mass Effect 3 baby! I don't even care for the Kinect stuff like most are in love with. I just want the story continuation.

Cinotix2434d ago

I hope they have a disable feature for that, because the Kinect pisses me off as it is when I watch Hulu or Netflix, they need a update fix for the crap.

The game I'm looking forward to though, I have to say is Assassin's Creed Revelation.

RobertWright2434d ago

Assassins Creed is another one on my christmas list.

masteroftheclaw2434d ago

Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations are two I'm most interested from this list. Is it bad I've never even heard of Anno 2070?

Ziriux2434d ago

I know I've never heard of Anno 2070 either but it looks like it's good.

ThatGuyInTheHat2434d ago

Mass Effect 3 looks smexy! I can't wait to try it!

Valay2434d ago

Hey, where's Skyward Sword?

Ziriux2434d ago

I think that's too obvious to put on the list hehe.

ThatGuyInTheHat2434d ago

Hey, Skyward Sword is in our hearts. Not to sound all Disney-like, but it's there.

Cinotix2434d ago

I can't fucken wait, it's my most anticipated game.

basketball452312434d ago

Mass Effect 3. I even bought in on PS3 to make sure my playthrough is perfect for the third one.

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