How Gears of War Has Changed Gaming

The holiday gaming season is officially upon us. Gears of War 3 released overnight to huge numbers of fans across the globe. Epic and Microsoft’s innovative shooter has become one of Microsoft’s marquee franchises for the Xbox 360 and has influenced the direction of the industry in several ways. For better or worse, these are the ways Gears has changed gaming.

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JoGam2434d ago

I wouldn't say it changed gaming but added to it. I don't see Gears as a game changer.

coolbeans2433d ago

I think the site does a great job of stating why it's a game changer. From somber advertisements to the 3rd person shooter template, it's fair to say Gears has changed things in some fashion.

scofios2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

gears is lucky they have capcom and some others to steal ideas from.

gears cover system = kill switch

Gears over the schoulder camera = resident evil 4

Gears horde mode = resident evil mercenaries and rainbow 6 terrorist hunt

gears 3 mechs = lost planet .

you can disagree al you want.

GameOn2433d ago

Sorry but the silver back obviously took it inspiration from The matrix 3

Perjoss2433d ago

What about the reloading mini game with gun jamming, where was that stolen from, The roadie run is also very cool.

scofios2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I never said they stole every thing .
Only the things i mentiond above .
Every developer take ideas from other games.
The only thing that bothers me is why gears always get a free pass.
Don't get me wrong i am a big gears fan .but to say it Changed Gaming i disagree.
And before i get called ps3 fanboy.
As much i love uncharted it toke like gears a lot of it ideas from other games like Tomb raider ....

And BTW go check Cliffy's interview on gttv from comiccon 2010 with geof where he admids they got gears idea from RE4 and the cover from kill switch.

-Alpha2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

"The holiday gaming season is officially upon us"

It's September. School just started. Doesn't feel like a holiday to me :/

gypsygib2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

So true, I have the most money and time for games during summers but shit all comes out. Then Sept hits and it's like 6 months strait of AAA releases, but my desire to play them is quelled by the guilt I feel knowing that I should be studying.

So I buy a lot of games during summer when they're 20-40 bucks - devs lose money twice; 1) many AAA gams get lost in sea of big hitters 2)If I care by then and no one spoiled the game, I pay a fraction of the cost.

If Resistance 3 came out in July I'd own it right now.

Cpt_kitten2433d ago

starting to get annoyed already, im already seeing christmas stuff out now....only makes sense that sept- the rest of the year is the holiday shopping season everyone gearing up for the holiday's

glad i got out of retail finally

seinfan2433d ago

Thanksgiving to New Year's! Best time of the year!

2433d ago
dcortz20272433d ago

Gears Of War 3 changed gaming? Oh please..

Orionsangel2433d ago

Yeah every game has beast mode. Gears2 invented Horde mode. Sorry they didn't only have Deathmatch and Capture the flag *cough* Halo, COD for the one millionth time!

gypsygib2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Gears didn't revolutionize cover mechanics, Rainbow Six Vegas came out almost the same time as Gears and had a great (arguably better) cover system than Gears.

Gears was first this gen to release with cover but other of games were already pretty far along in development with cover mechanics by the time Gears released.

What Gears did is keep MS in the console business because if Epic didn't beg MS to double the 360s RAM to 512 for Gears 1, it would have been Nintendo and Sony neck for first with approx 85 million consoles sold, not 360 and PS3 neck and neck for second with 50 mill.

Imagine every PS3 game looking way better than 360s, free online and RROD - 360 would have failed hard. FPS players couldn't deal with COD at even lower res and 30 FPS on 360 plus every multiplat would look like crap.

Bathyj2433d ago

Not arguably at all. Rainbow 6's cover system was alot better. Smoother and more natural. It didnt have you sticking to everything, or diving from the middle of a corridor to a nearby wall because you hit the one button does everything button.

I still find GeoW a fun game (dusting off the Xbox this weekend in fact) even though the fratboy mentality and voice acting sh*t me, but my main gripe is the credit it gets that it doesnt deserve.

I was enjoying cover systems last gen from everything from Manhunt to James Bond and I even played that way in game without cover systems by just ducking. Gears was just a natural progression.

Hell, the first Tenchu on PSOne had you sticking to walls, edging up to corners, is it really that big of a leap?

Blogz4Fanboyz2433d ago

bathyj, but if this was a ps3 exclusive, then everyone knows that you would be gushing with praise. and agreeing with every bit of credit.

but i do actually agree with most of what you said.

personally, i think gears gets treated so well, because it was the first next gen game this gen. everything before was a shiny hi res port.

just like gta3 last gen

Cpt_kitten2433d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bathyj2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

God, I'm sick of everytime you say one thing you dont like about Xbox, youre just a Sony fan boy. I was gaming a good 15 years before Sony even showed up, so get over it.

And the sh*t thing is Blogz and Cpt both actually agreed with me in principle yet still decided to attack me rather than just discuss the topic.

You right Blogz, there wasnt that many good games that first year, Gears was probably hailed as the first real Next Gen game, even if it was only the graphics that were Next Gen about it. And thats not because its an XBox game, I think Motorstorm is the best game of its type, but I dont pretend it invented the genre like people act like Gears invented cover.

And Cpt, sorry about your luck, but I dont know what the hell your doing to go through 5 PS3's. Have you thought of having the wiring in your house checked? My luck is the exact opposite of yours. On my 4th XBox and the first one broke on launch night. Still got my 60gb fat PS3 though.

And dude what are you whinning about RB6, youre talking about the PSOne era games, they havent had all that stuff for ages. The PS2, XB1 games didnt have all that map and pre-mission planning.

I'm with Coolbeans, Vegas gives you tactics, but you make them up as you go. Every room you come to gives you 3 or 4 options to use at any one time. No other shooter is like that. Like he said, the perfect mix of strategy and action. I'd just love a new setting.

Now please, lets not turn this into a big back and forth arguement, I'm not knocking Gears, its a great game. I havent been trolling any Gears articles so well just leave it at that if you dont mind.


SuperLupe2433d ago

But he's right, if it were a PS3 exclusive you would be on your knees with praises. You arent fooling anyone.

TyrionL2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Dude if you don't like being called a Sony fanboy, don't act like one. I'd say 90% of your comments come off fanyboyish, I have been here long enough to know you just have a strong preference to Sony, but if I was new to thins site, (yes this is my second account, no need to point it out) I would think you were a fanboy as well. If you don't like something change it.
What I do find funny is you can always name the problems with 360 exclusives, but I never see you same people naming the obvious flaws in the PS3 exclusive articles. Even a blind man could see that, and yes PS3 game do have their own set of flaws. All of them.