Diablo III: Incredibly Early Impressions (RockPaperShotgun)

John Walker writes:The Diablo III closed beta has just begun, and we’re fortunate enough to have access to it. (Which is a shame, as I was supposed to be getting married on Saturday.) So I’ve of course put aside that silly plan of going to sleep and blitzed through the first couple of hours to bring you the very earliest of impressions of what’s on offer.

I’m writing this as someone who played Diablo 2 long ago, thoroughly enjoyed it, but never obsessed over it. And certainly only ever played solo. (Which may well describe my life after this weekend if I’m not careful.) Here I’m going to give you my initial reaction to playing the third game of the series, tonight.

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nix2521d ago

can't wait for this game.. i recently picked up Torchlight because i saw 20 mins long Diablo 3 beta vid.

Drewminati2521d ago

torchlight 2 comes out i think october 6 for 20 bucks..