The War of the Worlds - Full Access Preview (GamesRadar)

Charlie Barratt writes:The War of the Worlds, the book, is perhaps the most recognizable title in science fiction. The War of the Worlds, the radio drama, famously inspired mass panic in its listeners. The War of the Worlds, the films, have earned Academy Awards and hundreds of millions of dollars.

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SilentNegotiator2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

You Used Germs!
It's Super Effective!

Another dark side scrolling with clunky mechanics.
And heavy narration....blech. Pat just drones on and on and on in a monotone voice.

Inzo2494d ago

It has the potential to be great but seeing that it is an adaptation from formats other than gaming it will probably suck.

CloseSecond2494d ago

Still hoping this will deliver as I love the source material on which it is based. Well, everything but that crappy 90's TV series and the equally bad Speilberg movie.