Opinion: US analyst claims DS Re-Lite is on the way but has he confused it with DS 2?

If you look at the longevity of the GBA, it was launched in March 2001 and, over six and half years later, is finally coming to the end of its life. The DS was launched at the end of 2004 and so by the same logic should be around until 2011.

DS was launched three-and-a-half years into the GBA's lifecycle, which, in turn, would see DS 2 emerging in the summer or autumn of 2008, right?

Could the supposed DS redesign leak actually be about a new console altogether?

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midgard2294021d ago

alrdy another one???? its gonna be like GBA, GBA sp, Game boy micro, game boy super light hyper edition

PS360WII4021d ago

yep business as usual nothing wrong here plus they are talking still a few years from now so no harm ^^

redninja4021d ago

It will probably just have a larger screen and significantly larger buttons to cater to the elderly.

danarc4021d ago

Do you think they would make a DS 2, (same sorta thing ie. two screens, but maybe more powerful) or something completely different. I think they would go for the latter, what with Nintendo's innovating and all, but just wanna know what you's think.

marcellizot4020d ago

I think that the next Nintendo handheld will share alot of the DS's characteristics - touchscreens (maybe multi-point), mic, wi-fi - but I think it will be branded differenttly and will have a new focus. Personally I would settle for something resembling a cross between a DS and a Gamecube with online access to the Virtual console and some of the other wii channels.

I really like what Nintendo has done with their online stuff, i.e. the wii channels and standardising them across multiple platforms would be very cool.