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After what has been years of only black PS3 consoles in the country, Sony have also released a Limited Edition Silver PlayStation 3 for the Australian market.

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-Mezzo-2556d ago

Looks SWEEEET!!!.

Why the hell Doesn't "US" get any special PS3's like this, I will be getting a new one around December & i hope Sony releases any od the Blue, Red, Silver or White PS3's is "US" as well.

My Launch model is on it's death bed. =]

-Mezzo-2556d ago

Damn, so many Spelling Mistakes, Typing Fast does not work for me.

just_looken2555d ago

I blame todays keyboards there bad for big hands also have you tried 3rd party like these guys:

sense 2009 they have been repainting ps3's for a price of course.

TXIDarkAvenger2556d ago

Damn, that looks awesome.

I totally agree, NA doesn't get awesome versions of the PS3. Though preferably I would rather just keep my black one for the sake of it being the original.

Magnus2556d ago

Silver looks great i wish they ran other color schemes like Nintendo did with the N64 hope North America gets the silver console.

Fishy Fingers2555d ago

What better way to cheapen the look of your tech than with some silver plastic. I'll stick with black.

Jury2555d ago

bout time. I'd prefer a white one though.

though i can't justify buying another one. hope mine breaks ;)

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