Battlefield 3: Mod Tools Considered, No Weather/Time Changing, & More Revealed

EA and Dice are busy preparing Battlefield 3 for its October launch, which is just about a month away, and much is still to come as the game nears completion. Today a bunch of new information concerning the beta and game has surfaced.

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electricshadow2521d ago

Damn. Having a day and night cycle would have been so cool. One DICE representative said it is possible with Frostbite 2 so maybe we'll see it in the future.

Iroquois_Pliskin2521d ago

they could have implemented it, but EA wants to rush it

rezzah2521d ago

I wonder how it would work, because I really hope day and night shifts would occur every 10 mins, that would seem very unrealistic.

I rather a in-game system for a slower (natural) change every 3 to 10 hours (pick a number). That would include the movement of sun and moon, seeing the sunset and sunrise would be awesome.

RegorL2521d ago

No Weather/Time changes in Beta, not at all or not at launch.
The article does not really say...

But if I have to chose how to interpret it - not in Beta

chickens2521d ago

it says no weather/time changes in game.

DeadlyFire2521d ago

Save something for Frostbite 3 guys. :P

Besides Mod tools = day/night maps anytime you want it.

Dojan1232521d ago

Put mod tools in and this game will have community support for many years. However it will kill the DLC business so I do not see it happening. Sooner or later someone will come up with a business model that allows Mods and still makes money. Thought COD elite would be able to pull if off by adding the ability to play Mods if you are paying the money every year. Hell they could milk it by not having to pay a dev every year for new version and just live off the modders.

Gran Touring2521d ago

Just give us the mod tools. That way, DICE can leave the weather and time changing to us :)

blaktek2521d ago

It's not like mods such as Desert Combat influenced Dice to make BF2 what it was. Or that the team responsible for said mod were kinda hired by Dice for BF2's development.

Oh wait...