Xbox 720 And PS4 Launching In 2013 Or 2014?

Gaming Blend "Given a lot of hints and winks from developers about next-gen tech and announcements about games coming in 2014, when do you think the next-gen consoles will arrive? Well, here's a breakdown of a few reasons why we might see the Xbox 720 and PS4 in either 2013 or 2014."

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ForROME2410d ago

Lets hope SONY isnt naive or cocky enough to launch a year behind this time.

Lets Hope MS isnt naive or cocky enough to release shady hardware.

Trophywhore2409d ago

E3 2012 reveal. 2013 release.

Thats my prediction for Sony anyway.

Dakidog2409d ago

I think this is also what will happen, based upon PSP to PS3 release...thinking something similar will happen with Vita and PS4.

latinalover2409d ago

No it is bad. 2014 or 2015 is the best time for families to buy them

smashcrashbash2409d ago

I'm sorry. Was it naive and cocky to take their time with their system so it wouldn't break down 50% of the time?

bumnut2409d ago

I think he meant it would be cocky to give the opposition a head start again.

Dee_912409d ago

hold on wait let me check my crystal ball

Shackdaddy8362410d ago

I'm sick of people using that picture for a next-gen console. That's a horrible looking console!

Peaceful_Jelly2409d ago

yeah, it looks like cocoon for an alien baby or something. lol

Trophywhore2409d ago

Looks like a spaceship to me.

Jump space.

Jazz41082409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I agree that pic looks like an aliens bung hole.

Cpt_kitten2409d ago

id guess 2014 seeing as how devs are just finally starting to push each console to there limit instead of rushing games

Hufandpuf2409d ago

I think they'll announce them In 2013-14 but we won't see or play them until years later.

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The story is too old to be commented.