Beta Q/A With BF3 Community Manager

A Q&A with BF3 Global Community Manager Daniel Matros (zh1nt0) on a public teamspeak with the German community, and details of the discussion from the EAUK Forums have exposed some new unconfirmed details regarding Battlefield 3 and the release of the BF3 Beta next week on September 29th.

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EC102194d ago

- Between 2-3 gig beta client.

- You can not UPDATE alpha client you need to redownload the new Beta Client

- Netcode is totally rewritten and new.

- No level limit @ beta.

- Cant join as a Squad if the Team is full so battlelog groups won’t get split.

some really good informations, awesome. thanks

S_C2193d ago

So Is This Gonna Be Up On XBL Marketplace Or Isit Gonna Be A Code Unlock

Wizziokid2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

some really good info in there but I'm not sure how i feel about this

"Autoheal on all vehicle’s after 10-15sec."

would of rather had permanent damage (until and engineer fixes the vehicle)


"No weather or time changing in game."
that's a shame that would have been awesome!

apart from that 'm soo hyped for this beta/game
bring it on!

Elvfam5112193d ago

I was wondering how that would play out with the auto heal on the vehicles ....

JellyJelly2193d ago

We'll know in a couple of days. :)

Sandmano2193d ago

Cannot cook grenades? Why? Its not like its not realistic. Hopefully you can cook in the game.

OcelotRigz2193d ago

Yeah, this and the vehicle health regeneration is kinda disappointing.
Both aspects are not realistic and there was no need to change it from how it was.
Still, not game-breakers and i'm pretty confident im gonna love the game anyway.

Sandmano2193d ago

Just dont over hype it ;)

red2tango2193d ago

I wonder if you can gameshare. I have early access and my friend keeps asking me to gameshare.

Sandmano2193d ago

Pretty sure you can. Give your friend the beta!

GearSkiN2193d ago

Email for xbox.... still didn't explain when we get the mail!

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