Todd Hollenshead Talks “Console Scum” and id’s Future as a Multiplat Dev

Dave Oshry writes:Once upon a time there was a little company called id Software. They made PC games, for PC gamers. They knew their fans, and their fans knew them.

However, times have changed.

With their newest IP, RAGE, id is opening themselves up to a very different ‘fanscape’ by releasing the game simultaneously on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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wallis2251d ago

Typically misquoted title. It's the interviewer who bloody says "console scum" not anyone at Id.

Don't worry fanboys! Put away your torches! Nothing to see here.

morganfell2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

It's Ripten. I am not sure if there is anyone still around that remembers over 2 years ago when Ripten was attacking numerous people from N4G and deleting posts on their forum wholesale after one of their writers was caught in a lie. Even the head imbecile at Ripten became involved wading in and making accusations against all of N4G over what had occurred.

Pathetic really and I have avoided them to this day as they knew they were wrong and instead of stating he would correct matters to insure the integrity of articles, the owner/editor/idiot laid the blame at the feet of those persons that had exposed the truth. Not a shred of journalistic integrity at that site. Not one iota. This article as well as numerous others are evidence of that fact.

CrzyFooL2250d ago

Pretty sure those guys aren't there anymore, at least I hope not.

Also, if you read the article and watched the interview you'd see the whole "Console Scum" thing is extremely tongue and cheek and references a question asked in jest at a panel during Quake Con.

Alos882251d ago

Dave Ohsry is an elitist asshole, confirmed.

matey2251d ago ShowReplies(1)
hiredhelp2251d ago

Well not sure about ripten but after hearing from john at quakcom talk nothing more than xbox360, not bad thing i feard that ID was loosing touch with pc fans. So that being sad ive got rage on pre-order for pc really hope ID pulls threw for us.
Cos im worried ..

Mr Tretton2250d ago

I wouldn't be worried. Rage on consoles is last gen. Rage is on PC, is next gen.

Laxman2162251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Someone should have asked about the "PC scum" that are driving publishers to bankruptcy and financial loss by constantly and in copious amounts illegally downloading the games they spend millions upon millions of man hours and dollars to create for our enjoyment.

Bladesfist2251d ago

If thats the case someone should have asked about the console scum that buy used games (which hurts devs more than piracy)

Laxman2162251d ago

No, piracy still far outweighs the preowned market, especially now with the online pass most big publishers are introducing. Nice try though :)

kramun2251d ago

Um, if they weren't making money out of it, regardless of piracy, they wouldn't be releasing games on pc would they? But they are, so it can't be that bad aye?

Laxman2162251d ago

Wrong actually, Epic stopped production on an Unreal game becuase they knew too many people would pirate it on PC. And thats why so many PC devs are turning to consoles to make up the money they are losing from piracy.

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