Gears of War 3 vs. Resistance 3 – So who won over the Critics?

"Two of the biggest blockbuster exclusives of the year, Gears of War 3 and Resistance 3, got released this month on Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively. Expectations were high as both these games were developed by two of the most talented studios in the industry. And if the review scores are any indication, both Gears 3 and Resistance have been a huge success already. But which title critics loved the most? Well we’ve compiled the scores of five of the biggest publications and are listing them below, just to give you an idea as to which game had an upper-hand as far as the reviews are concerned."

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fluffydelusions2409d ago

FPS vs TPS umm would be better if it was UC3 vs Gears 3

RedDead2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

R3= 8.6 average. G3= 9.3 average.

But yeah I agree, if any comparison is made it should be U3 v G3

Yeah Peaceful_Jelly I know, ya just gotta not trust the reviews really, they're all over the place. Personally gears for me anyway.

Peaceful_Jelly2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

R3 is actually 8.4, much lower than R2 even though it's miles away better. =/

edit: love the comment section of that site, it's almost as if I were on N4G.

"Nostalgicgamer: Don't listen to these insecure PS3 Retards!

GFY!: Yeah NO! Gears of War 3 Eat Uncharted 3 up and S*** it out like the polish."

_Aarix_2409d ago


Gears 2 got better scores than gears 3 but gears 3 is miles away better too

SoapShoes2409d ago

It is way better than R2 yet R2 is higher rated. You see, this is why I could care less about reviews, scores, or averages. Not to mention Meta has omitted many reviews for R3 that are high.

Why o why2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Gears 3 is better than gears 2 from the online alone, not finished the single player to make a call on that but multiplayer alone beats its higher scoring laggy, ten minute to find game, weak matchmaking predecessor especially at time of release. Resistance 3 is so much better than the unengaging, copy cod but in space predecessor also. Both devs upped their games..... literally. Good for those who can play them on lets not fight over this

SilentNegotiator2409d ago

With sites/mags like Edge, and hundreds of sites, is such a result even vaguely surprising?

JokesOnYou2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Generally it seems both games are better than the previous ones, personaly I only have Grears3, I just finished my first 2 hrs of the campaign and loving it(game looks amazing btw), but either way its clear despite R3's lower score that it is also a much better game than alot of scores indicate based on everthing Ive read and seen with my own eyes, so yeah we can all talk shiii about which is better to no end, but the 1 truth is if you can you should play both of these amazing games.

Blogz4Fanboyz2409d ago

peaceful jelly. sounds like n4g, except that on n4g it is the sony fanboys who reign supreme..

on topic, what a terrible, shameless, hit-leeching blog.


THC CELL2408d ago

Still uncharted 2 beat gears 3 at 9.6 so what

Why do people trust reviews today since gamespot took back handers and most people are bias or say well its not call of duty so no good

ApplEaglElephant2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

article does nothing but fuel fanboyism.

if you want to compare ratings, PS3 exclusives are more highly rated and there are more of them.

buddymagoo2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I think Resistance 3 is trying for a Half Life 2 feel and Geow3 trying for a Uncharted 2 feel.

Picture_Dancer2408d ago

Scores from Gamerankings:

91% for Gears3
86% for Resi3

only 5% difference.

For example if one game have 71% and second one have 76% it doesn't make much of a difference.

Both games are almost equally good. If you prefer fps - play R3 if tps play Gof3.

catguykyou2408d ago

Even Uncharted 3 would be a bad comparison. It is a platforming/ exploring/ puzzle solving tps in the style of Tomb Raider. Gears is a TPS that concentrates entirely on the story and shooter action. If you only concentrated on the camera perspective of the game, you could compare U3 with Crash Bandicoot because they are both 3rd person. Heck they are both platformers as well.

OpenGL2408d ago

I think another reason Gears and Resistance get compared is the fact that they have an almost identical development cycle.

Gears 1 released the same week as Resistance 1 in November 2006, in November 2008 Gears of War 2 released 3 days after Resistance 2, and in September 2011 Gears 3 launched 2 weeks after Resistance 3.

Kleptic2408d ago

The new 'cool' thing for reviewers to do is this misplaced perception of something being 'better then, than this is now'...and that that somehow justifies a new game being BETTER than an older one in the same franchise...yet receives a lower score...

that is all fine and great...but it still destroys credibility of a numerical scoring system...

The first game I noticed this phenomenon effectively applied to was Killzone 3 earlier this year...almost every review stating 'clearly a leap ahead killzone 2'...of which that same reviewer awarded killzone 2 a perfect 10, or a 9.324 or whatever...and plops an 8 on killzone 3...

Resistance 3 has it everywhere...Gears 3 has at least to some degree, but still is reviewed very highly by any 'real' site...

either way...its just the new tactic to watch out for...Resistance 3 absolutely crushes Resistance 2 in every possible looks plays better...its a throwback to another Resistance title that was ALSO better than Resistance 2 (i.e.fall of man)...and imo is the real sequel to it...but whatever...

Gears 3 seems to capitalized on everything over Gears 2 also...better visuals, more content, etc...I haven't played 3 yet, but did play 2...but its clear 3 at least looks better than 2...

finbars752408d ago

I think there both very different games especially tsp vs fps.I have played both and loved both of them just as equal.I love the mp for resistance but love horde mode on gears.both have great visuals and both play smoother then butter.I couldn't have been happier to play both games in the same month.instead of saying which one is better maybe we should say own both and enjoy two great power house games.

JaredH2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I got Gears 3 and Resistance 3 and both are good.

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gameguru2409d ago

Guess it's more about PS3 exclusive vs. 360 exclusive than FPS vs TPS

RandomDude6552408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Games Journalists are usually philosophy/psych majors it seems, because they've repeated shown that they know more about how to rile people up then to know information about games. AKA games journalism is a shit hole

NewZealander2409d ago

both games are awesome, resistance has always been average, but finally they nailed it with the third game, the graphics may not have been the best but game play wise they perfected it, it reminded me a lot of classic shooters like halflife.

gears on the other hand has always had great graphics, and while in gears 3 they have got better, i also find they look more washed out then the previous games, the gritty struggle for survival has almost become a comedy.

i would say R3 is probably slightly better, but only because its improved drastically over the previous games.

morganfell2409d ago

Running R3 in 3D I have to disagree with you. It looks incredible.

They really nailed the feel of R3. It is the first title I have ever played that actually feels like an alien race just kicked the collective ass of the human race and there really isn't much hope left.

Ju2409d ago

I think R3 looks great. What's different is the art style. One problem what R3 has - based on the art direction - this game has no straight walls. It is quite a challenge to model that and make it pretty (no straight edges for examples, debris everywhere), every single level in R3 is bombed out. In later "space ship levels" not so much, but in the early levels for sure. Also, R3 came pretty close to the concept art they had envisioned with the final rendition. I think that's quite an achievement.

OpenGL2409d ago

@ Ju

Well that and it's 960x704 rendering resolution, quincunx anti-aliasing blur, and frequent frame rate drops.

Blaine2409d ago


Insomniac clearly sacrificed resolution for better character models and more detailed environments.

Honestly there's a few places in the game where it just looks like the textures haven't loaded in yet, but that's actually the final texture. But as soon as you get into the intricately detailed environments and the action starts, with so many great looking Chimera shooting at you, you instantly forget the lower res and the game really looks great.

milohighclub2408d ago

Loving r3 and gears. If it wasn't for one of the biggest res drops in 3d I've seen to date then gears would have been the best 3d game on the market! Would of blown sonys 3d away, Like I said if it wasn't for the res drop that is, luckily I don't mind playing it in SD 3d

Ju2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I have no issues with framedrops in R3. But I haven't played the MP a whole lot. Campaign twice, and I did no notice any frame drops. Runs silky smooth. I also see no Quincunx. Not blurry. They use a very pronounced depth/motion blur and selective AA. But is it Quincux? Most of the time its no AA at all.

catguykyou2408d ago

You guys know Gears 3 supports 3d also right? Seriously don't know why anyone hasn't mentioned this.

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otherZinc2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Its a Joke:

Giant Bomb was the only site that got it right.

Resistance 3 was given the absolute best score it could get grading on a super curve.

Gears 3 earned the best score it could possibly get: 10. With upgrades in every area, Horde Mode, Beast Mode, better graphics, better story line, more online play, And the most replay value in 2011 to date.

Resistance 3 should be a minimum of 2 points lower than Gears 3 in every video game review made.

Any site giving Gears 3 anything less than a 9, doesnt know games, period!

Sites will say something stupid to defend something like this: Saying, there were 2 different reviewers...cop out!

If said site had any pride, they'd have a team of reviewers;2 or more, to review the same genre of game (shooters, RPG, Action, & so on). This way they could avoid looking stupid & lose trust from those of us that know games better than the reviewer.

Blogz4Fanboyz2409d ago

giant bomb is a decent site with a decent community... you dont see many annoying trolls over there

geddesmond2409d ago Show

LOL you have not played R3... the story and weapons are better.. snd multiplayer is more fun... The only people who like gears are people who grew up with it... to new gamers they cant stand Halo or Gears... I understand why you love the game... But R3 is more fun for new unbiased players.

TheLastGuardian2409d ago

Resistance is more similar to Gears than Uncharted is. Resistance and Gears games always come out around the same time as eachother and have always been competitors. Xbox 360 has no exclusives worthy of competing with Uncharted quality wise.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32408d ago

Gears 3 trumps everything I've seen of UC3, lol. Better luck next time...

TekoIie2408d ago

Seen? really? seeing that its obvious you werent in the beta you have no idea how much they upped the MP into a very competitive game. Also the addition of a "point streak" system was very refreshing with very unique ideas and while i still love gears one thing drove me away from it which was the connection and its a shame its taken them this long to properly address the problem.

Heard the saying "too little, too late"?

wsoutlaw872409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

gears does have a ton of modes and even that it is pretty generic for some reason it feels unique and enjoyable. However R3 has the more engaging single player and kept me playing it until I beat it twice once coop even whit gears in the house. With all that said, why is this posted on here? what we cant go to metacritic and get more reviews?

frostypants2408d ago

Did I miss something? Since when was Resistance 3 considered a blockbuster release?

kamakaz3md2408d ago

its because these game came out around the same time. They both have that alien killing feel... think ppl think, of course U3 will eat gears UP


People fu#k the scores, play the damn game!!!!!!!!!!! I played and beat both games, both games are great! lots of fun.

I have been gaming for 2 decades, I will say this gaming gen is the worst. People worry about everything else like reviews, scores and sales. Who cares just play the games.

Maxned2408d ago

This entire site is a fucking ps3 circlejerk.

If Resistance 3 got better reception from critics, then all of you would be saying "YESSSSSSS RESISTENCE IS DE WINNAR! PS3 WINS!"

But no, its "FPS vs TPS? UNFAIR!"

Whats the fucking difference? The article is asking which game got better scores... Idiots.

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Silly gameAr2409d ago

Can't say I didn't see an article like this coming. I was just wondering which of the usual suspects would be the first to jump.

narutogameking2409d ago ShowReplies(7)
farhsa20082409d ago

Resistance all the way!
You got to laugh at all the double standards in reviews nowadays.

R3 gets punished for "doing nothing new" While Geow3 is "the same old gears that we love".

OcularVision2409d ago

lol so true

AAA blockbuster games get credit for "building on the previous installment"

while other games get "same old formula that is boring"

dalibor2409d ago

That's the way it's been for some time now. Nothing new. But personally, I love the weapon wheel, so different than any other shooter out there. It's the complete opposite of them all. The auger needs to be in every online game, great for campers. And as far as R3 and Gears go, same formula different story really. Don't think I didn't see that rodeo run in Gears3 thought they had that in the previous games, same for the weapon wheel in R3.

smashcrashbash2409d ago

Yeah, like Ratchet and Clank gets put down for being the same formula over and over again while Mario gets away scott free. Ratchet has different weapons, devices, charaters, enemies, planets and storylines for almost every game while Mario has the green world, the lava world, the ice world, castle etc with recycled enemies with the 'Koops stole the princess plot'. And yet it's the Ratchet series that's boring. Go figure.

JokesOnYou2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

The only bias going on is from those unwilling to accept that Gears3 is just a better game for the majority of sites that reviewed both. lol, Whats with all the damage control comments....."aaawww how can they rate R3 lower for being more of the same?" uhm, way to overlook the obvious, just because you might have similiar gripes with 2 different games doesnt make them equal, or is it not possible to like a BMW better than the same class Mercedes, even though you hate the color of both? Please just play which ever game you like, they are obviously both great games but all the crying, pointing fingers, attacking reviews, blaming micro, telling your mommy etc is just ridiculous.

RememberThe3572409d ago

Wow thats really true. Andt that is pretty f*cked up. I really have to wonder why that is...

DrFUD2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )


-Alpha2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

What? I've seen a couple reviews trash Gears for being "nothing new" too, one site I remember yesterday gave it a 7.5 for that reason specifically:

That double standard isn't there in this case, you're just not looking out for Gears 3 reviews the same way probably because you aren't invested in the game

dalibor2409d ago

Perhaps you have, I don't discredit that but than how does Gears 3 get over a 9 still if that was the case? One has to ask. And another thing, I can say negative things about a game, still dismay them and still give it a great score overall. Who's to say reviewers don't do this.

-Alpha2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Gears got a 7.5 from that site.

Some websites didn't feel the same way as the site that gave it a 7.5 so that's why it gets 9+ scores.

Point I'm making is that some people have confirmation bias when it comes to double standards because they aren't actively looking out for 360 reviews

raztad2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Some sites actually complained about the lack of innovation, Eurogamer for instance, gave both games an 8. On the other hand "innovation hungry" (when game's PS3 exclusive) EDGE scored Gears with a resounding 9. No complaints about lack of innovation or the same old gameplay. R3 of course got the usual 7 from them.

I strongly disagree with reviews downing the score due to "no innovations". When game is awesome and fun, its score should reflect it.

IHateYouFanboys2409d ago

did you even read any of the reviews of gears 3? basically the ONLY reason it wasnt scored higher than its already brilliant scores is because it didnt do much new with the basic gameplay.

if gears of war 2 never existed, they wouldve rated Gears 3 much higher.

E2M2409d ago

I liked resistance 3 and the campaign was very entertaining apart from the ending but the resistance series just hasn't beein able to get get that AAA critical acclaim. Gears of war 3 is just better though, I read the reviews saying its very familiar but not having played much of the gears of war games made that irrelevant for me to add I was quite skeptical on gears but now I'm just loving it. I wouldn't be suprised if it won goty, resistance 3 shouldn't be compared to gears and neither uncharted, r3 is an fps and uncharted is in another genre as a pose to gears sci-fi, bloody game

humbleopinion2408d ago

Gears 3 did offer new stuff which I haven't seen in the genre before: from completely new game modes like Beast mode to small refinements like the digger launcher. It deserves the recognition it gets for keeping the innovation going even on the third iteration.

ljh2172408d ago

Clearly you haven't played Gears. You can't even get the acronym right.

MOTY2408d ago

I think the answer is right there in the quotes you selected.

Maybe Resistance "isn't" the same old Resistance we loved.

Maybe, Gears was great from the start, and to continue with it's greatness makes it something that we all love while Resistance has never been a franchise that the majority all liked and thus with each Resistance game, it was all just more of the same

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