Gears of War 3 nets over 300,000 simultaneous online players on its opening day

Gears of War 3 is the big game on Xbox 360 at the moment having launched worldwide today (20th September) and being enjoyed by thousands of gamers.

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fluffydelusions2493d ago

Figured it would be more considering COD had has nearly 1 million simultaneous on any given night

RaidensRising2493d ago

A lot more people were playing COD for the multiplayer only. Gears 3 isn't tracking the many players who are playing the campaign first.

I expect once more people beat the campaign, the multiplayer numbers will rise.

ElementX2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I play the campaigns first. I like to disoover new weapons as I'm playing the story instead of just figuring out what they all are in 5 minutes of MP. You reach a certain point and it's like "sweet, new rifle" or something.

tickticktick2493d ago

I would say about 95% are playing the campaign first.

theonlylolking2493d ago

COD does not either, so what is your point?

vishant1012493d ago

@ above i don't think anyone plays cod campaigns after the first time.....

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princejb1342493d ago

im sure it will sell more alot of people was either in school or work

BeOneWithTheGun2493d ago

Well, I picked it up today and just finished the last chapter of Act III and my buddy had to leave so we will finish it up tomorrow and then hit Horde. Anyone who doesn't play the campaign first in Geo3 is truly missing out.

SixZeroFour2493d ago

opening day isnt even exactly over is it? as i type this comment its sept 20th (day its released) 7:40pm pst

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Kamikaze1352493d ago

I guess it didn't sell so well

christheredhead2493d ago

opening day online users has nothing to do with sales. i am unsure how you can make that correlation.

iPad2493d ago

dont need to get your panties in a bunch now.

christheredhead2493d ago


i have no idea what you are talking about

JoGam2493d ago

Even if it sold 5 day one I'm pretty sure it will still sell over a million.

Why o why2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

No need for that crap, sales never make a game better. It could sell 100 or 100 times that, im ok as long as theres people to play for a long enough period.

Im the guy that was hearing that mad world song a few too many times.....basically means my team sucked. Got better, feels a litte stiff but everybody is bound by the same controls so ill make do.

Kudos to epic and ms for the net code and servers respectively. Big improvement over part 2, big improvement. Zero issues on day 1

TyrionL2492d ago

I personally love gutting people online with the Retro Lancer. It's right up there with chain sawing someone in half. I also loved how smooth it was to get into a match. No lag, no long waits, I thought it worked perfectly.

Number_132493d ago

With over 200k pre-orders on during the last week alone and almost 2 million in total in just North America, it is pretty much a safe bet that 300k is not the total sold. But we all know you know this, you just wish it was

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Optical_Matrix2493d ago

lol got beasted by a guy who seemed to be from iG earlier. Got destroyed. Was fun though. I wonder how many will be online by the end of the week. 1 million possibly?

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Sitris2493d ago

I'm a PS3 gamer first and foremost, but I played Horde mode for hours last night at bar in the City. That game is almost making me go out and buy a 360 right now. Fantastic title.

HelghastKid2493d ago

Feel the same way, I only have a Ps3 but when my cousin bought Gears2 we used to go on Horde binges. The series is really awesome no doubt about it.

Kahvipannu2493d ago

Yeah, Horde is the biggest deal for me too, spent insane ammount in it in GeOW2, I might have to re-buy X0 for this title..

Cosmit2493d ago

Yeah horde mode is amazing. But god did i suck at it lol. Game is amazing honestly.

Why o why2493d ago

I sucked too, i improved though. Im getting used to having to push up to get grenades out. Dont know how i forgot from pt 2. I saw this guy running towards me from. Mile off with something pointy on the front of his gun. I gave him shottie but he lifted my a55. Its almost like you can take extra damage when charging. I done the same thing back to a guy. I ran in a slow arc towards him and it seemed he let off at me a couple times but i lifted him. I lol'd .. I need to improve on my cc though. I suck well to hard at that. Its all fun though. Enjoying the game

solidjun52492d ago

I also suck. I'm getting 1 kill and 11 deaths on average it seems. I'm getting a bit better rolling around and covering but I can't seem to get a good shot using the lancer. The shotgun (not the sawed off) is not working for me. I swear i plug a few good rounds and they still up and kill me. So fun though. Just need to get better.

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