Next Week's "Mass-ive" Effect on your Uncharted gaming career

With last week's release of Call of Duty 4, this week's release of Assassin's Creed and Super Mario Galaxy, and the past two week's downloadable games behind us, let's look at whats in store for us gamers next week.

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Korosuke3624d ago

haha, good title.

both games are looking great.

mesh13623d ago

only on the net son +) u cal me what u want but i know i have more exprience on games that u .

RadientFlux3624d ago

I agree both great titles, I really don't know why people are comparing both titles since they are different genre. Uncharted is looking like a great action-adventure while Mass Effect is looking like an epic action-rpg.

While I am looking forward to Mass Effect more Uncharted shouldn't be skipped by anyone.

LSDARBY3624d ago

Im not that keane on mass effect, but i havent been following it so i dont know much about it.
Cant wait to get Uncharted though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3623d ago

I guarantee some idiot is gonna say Mass effect sold so much more than Uncharted (reasoning ; ps3= smaller fanbase atm)

Amp3623d ago

At the same time, Microsoft's dogged insistence that they retain a model without a Hard Disc has done the game a bad turn. It's an experience that either needs a full install option or a significant cache, and it's got neither. So you're stuck in these ridiculously long elevators, or loading just for fun as you run down a hall. It's happening all the time, and the product is worse for it. The elevator in the Normandy is especially bad: other elevators in the game are long, so you're trapped in a box, but it's a box that moves quickly. The one in the core of the ship moves a centimeter at a time, inching its way to the belly of a ship the way a basketball might travel through a python.

Douchebaggery3623d ago

I'm one of the lucky people who will get both.

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