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"In the end, Resistance 3 is a decent, if vastly disappointing end to the trilogy that helped put the Playstation 3 on the map. A solid shooter and Playstation 3 exclusive for sure, but the console, and hopefully the Resistance franchise, will have better days ahead of it." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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-Alpha2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Not that I've played R3, but I don't understand the complaint about the arena-gameplay and regenerative health. I think the idea of having and limiting health packs becomes a great way to make players manage what they have. It removes the crutch of regen shooters by forcing you to have consequences for your actions. This is by far the biggest issue with many games today: lack of consequence or punishment for playing badly.

If there are limited health packs and you use them all up, then that makes you very conscious about what health you do have and how you choose to use the health packs and approach the enemy. Health gen remove such thought processes. This to me is just a much better idea, especially for Resistance and I think it must immerse players into the story that much more if you literally have to think like the character you play.

Dart892467d ago

Just a bunch of crybabies who can't handle no regeneration health if you want health regeneration go play that shit called call for noobs.

blumatt2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Yeah, at first I was kinda mad about it not having regenerative health, but then I realized how much we all rely on that now. I guess that's the consequence of playing CoD so much. haha I think it makes us work harder to AVOID the bullets and not just take a bunch of damage and hide for a minute and then repeat. You're forced to strategize a lot in Resistance 3. I think a 7 is a bit low. I'd say 8 is a good score for it, maybe even an 8.5.

BTW, guys, I finally bought a 360 this weekend. XBL: Blu Matt
Add me if you want.

mrmikew20182467d ago

Damn, I wish the internet wasn't so open, so we won't have to read ridiculous articles like this. The complaints this editor (if you can him that) was stating were just plain foolish. Oh well, this is N4G after all.

CloseSecond2467d ago

I agree that having health packs is a good thing however they are too easy to apply (you just walk over them) and there were far too many of them. I died 3 times getting through the campaign on normal.

7/10 is borderline too low for this game but its by no means a tripple A either.

Unicron2467d ago

Most people don't finish games though. The "mainstream gamer," frankly, has no skills. I too wish games were harder. This is NOT a knock on Gears 3, but did you see that on Normal, the game practically plays itself? People feel entitled to seeing the ending with their $60.

andron6662467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Yeah I was glad they went back to what made the first game great. Weapon wheel and health packs really suit this game, and make it stand out.

It sort of makes sense for the series too since Hale was becoming Chimerian in the second game, so the regenerative health could almost be seen as a story device...

SonyStyled2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

it was used as a story device. when hale and the other sentinels where injected with the virus during project abraham (took place before R1), the virus intentionally gave them chimera like abilities, thus the ability to regenerate health. however, it took time for the virus to progress to the stage it can regenreate health in heal wounds due to the inhibitor treatments given to the project abraham subjects from converting into full blown chimera. hales inhibitor treatments where absent from R1 as R1 took place in a few days. after the events of R2 in hales blood, dr malikov found a 'cure' for the virus, treating all those he could to be immune to/treat the viral conversion. joseph capelli was given the "Hale Vaccine" before being discharged dishonerably from SRPA. then, 4 years pass until the events of R3. because capelli was treated, he lost his 'super soldier' abilities. thats why theres no regenerative health in R3.

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BuffMordecai2467d ago

Disappointing end my ass. This is a hell of a lot better than resistance 2; the only thing missing is 4 player local from the first game.

Shmotz2467d ago

The ending to R3 was disappointing, IG built up so much great backstory for the franchise and then do nothing with it. But agreed, R2 was crap in all aspects but the Co-Op.

CloseSecond2467d ago

Better end than R2 yes but that does not mean it was not disappointing. The lead up to the end was itself terrible. What was with suddenly getting a gun with unlimited ammo!?!

DrFUD2467d ago

7/10 and if you clicked on the link you fell for the bait