Is BioWare's Wrath of Heroes Lazy Development, Or Amazingly Innovative?

Most of the time when a developer pulls together a game for the world to get pumped up over there's a process that's followed. First some sort of CGI movie is released alongside a website, with the purpose being to draw eyes and ears to what the overall premise is about. A few months to a year down the line gamers are treated to anything from developer diaries, screenshots, wallpaper, and eventually the coveted gameplay trailer from which the internet makes up their mind about how good (or bad) the game is going to be. There are naturally some exceptions to this process, but as a whole it gives gamers plenty of time to adjust to a new concept or spark some hype-related chatter over whatever said game is about. Then I see something like Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and I don't even know where to begin. Is this some kind of evil genius at work, or some sinister new trend that will eventually overtake MMO design?

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JDouglasGU2468d ago

The Old Republic will tell all...

mephman2468d ago

Tbh, this does seem quite cheap.