Epic says it can 'squeeze more' from Xbox 360, knows when next-gen is coming

XMNR: With the Xbox 360 now in the sixth year of its life-cycle and no successor console in sight, developers inevitably get asked the question of how much more they can get out of the console. Epic's Cliff Bleszinksi recently faced that question as part of the Gears of War 3 launch along with being asked if he knew anything about the next-generation of consoles.

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fluffydelusions2555d ago

Of course devs know when next gen is coming. They need to plan launch games and such. 2013 is like the magic year for both Sony and MS is my bet.

Peaceful_Jelly2555d ago

launch or announcement for 2013?

fluffydelusions2555d ago

I'm sure they will announce next year and launch 2013

Bull5hifT2555d ago Show
zeal0us2555d ago

There might be an announcement 2013 @ E3 for next gen but highly doubt they will launch in 2013.

M$ will launch their console most likely in November. Not this November I'm just naming a month.

Sony will probably do the same thing as M$ but launch it a few months earlier in Japan (march/april)

DeadlyFire2555d ago

Epic knows because they expect Unreal Engine 4.0 to lead next generation. The Samaritan demo they showed was quite nice on their 3.975 engine. Current gen consoles can't handle that engine so technically it will be *cough* UE 4.

NewZealander2554d ago

the only thing stopping epic squeezing more out of the 360 is there own outdated unreal engine.

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Optical_Matrix2555d ago

Well, I'm not surprised. Gears 3 is one of the best looking games I've played this generation. I'm more than impressed. And I haven't even played campaign (waiting for a 4th friend so we can all play it co-op). Never thought I'd see this from Unreal Engine 3 on consoles, let alone 360. Props to Epic.

2013 for new consoles btw. Calling it now.

DigitalRaptor2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

You said it. And most major games will have released by the end of 2012. Yes.. even the elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

For now I'm very much looking forward to the interactivity we're gonna see between PS3 and Vita next year. After that it's Wii U - and what unique experiences Ninty are gonna offer next year. Then it's the Sony/MS consoles and new IPs that come with that.

p.s. only one bubble, surely that's not right!?

BakedGoods2554d ago

I'm really enjoying Gears 3, and while it is a graphically improvement from 2, it's definitely not the "best looking game" this generation. Especially considering some of the upcoming titles.

Hufandpuf2555d ago

Around 2013. I know they aren't planning it now. and by announcement, we won't see anything for about a year after.

3GenGames2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

After 2013. No way they'll release it at the time the WiiU does, because then they may get beat out on hardware if they don't wait a year and put better tech than the WiiU out. The WiiU is ment to be an HD wii, not an HD gaming machine, but if they don't let it get a year old, the new tech from Sony and MS will only be on par with it, which wouldn't be good for either of them.

2012 ending announcement, early 2014 release for next gen....and then after that, another won't be around until 2023+.

C_Menz2555d ago

The hardware in the Wii U that was shown is barely better than what the ps3/360 has right now. So it is safe to say that if they release in 2013 they will be safe hardware wise.

ForROME2555d ago

Everyone knows 2012 will be the E3 for the announcement with the following year being the launch.

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