Gears 3 launch head-shaving pics

Shear beauty.

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Pikajew2527d ago

I didnt think people would do it

DarkTower8052527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Double post

DarkTower8052527d ago

If I was near there I would do it. I shave my head anyways, so for a free game why not? Thats like somebody giving me $60 to do something I normally do. I would just go straight home and shave with a straight razor to get rid of the logo.

egidem2527d ago

Like I've said before - You should never underestimate the willpower/determination that some gamers out there have.

Did you see what Cliffy on Twitter was making people do in order for them to receive Gears of War 3 beta codes? Here you go:

"First person to post a picture of the omen on their car windshield in peanut butter while kneeling on the roof of the car w a Gears CD wins!"

"Next. Guy on all fours with a Gears box in his teeth while girlfriend rides him and is smacking his butt with a spatula."

"First person to post a picture of their dog with a makeshift do rag on with a toy Lancer in its paws while you are in the back jumping wins."

"First person who shows me a picture with their cat ON their head while holding a Gears disc in your teeth gets a #Gears3Beta code. GO!"

"Next challenge: post a pic of you giving your girl a monster wedgie while you stand on one leg"

"First person who posts a picture of the Crimson Omen shaved into their chest hair while giving me the finger gets a #Gears3Beta code!"

..and each one of those challenges got completed by people. So yeah, they would shave their heads too.

malol2527d ago

lol !
Cliffy sure is a sadistic sick guy !

ForROME2527d ago

CLASSIC ~ Thats real gamers right there

Chnswdchldrn2527d ago

well im guessing half are true gears fans and the other half are just really cheap

ThrazN72527d ago

I would shave my head fOr a skyrim collector's edition