Gears 3 midnight launch footage

Cogs of war.

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Agheil2562d ago

Nothin compared to the halo days..

QuantumWake2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Ah, the Halo midnight releases. Halo: Reach had a pretty big opening at my Gamestop. Now Halo 3.... oh boi. That was by far the best midnight launch ever. A LOT of people & the vibes were great..

But forget about Halo.. This is Gears 3 baby! Just got my game right now & I'm about to tackle the campaign! Woooo! :D

Btw, before I play the game. Man the game case and manuals are flimsy as heck (got the standard edition. Pretty much all I could afford) I mean I have no problem with going green, but damn. The manual isn't even a manual, just some two page looking pamphlet. And Gamestop is also going green by putting the codes on your receipt. Nothing wrong about saving the environment, but I miss buying games that felt like the case felt like a beefy package. Lol