Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset Unboxing

"Last week, Sony unveiled its first official PS3 headset that everyone can say is the competition to the Turtle Beach products." - JPS

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easto1a2522d ago

might pick one of these up

-Mika-2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Might? No you will pick one up.

Boody-Bandit2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Mika, that was funny. Don't see why you are getting disagrees. *looks around* Oh now I see why. Forgot where I was for a second.

On topic: I own quite a few pairs of headphones, some of which are pretty high end, and I'm getting these phones from Sony. They're like Pokemon. Gotta catchem all.

zeeshan2521d ago

I got it on September 8th thanks and I got the Amazon deal so these babies costed me only $65 which is was a GREAT deal!

There a couple of issues with these headsets. Now, remember, if you want to compare $99 headsets with $300 then you should simply keep your mouth shut.

I believe that for the price, the headset is surprisingly GREAT! The time required to charge the headset ain't huge which is a good thing. They are pretty comfortable but might get a liittle uncomfortable after a couple of hours but I guess that's true of any headphones.

The mic is NOT impressive so far. I was trying to play KZ3 with my friend and he could hardly hear me. I immediately put on my PS3 bluetooth headset 2.0 and that worked fine. And you can not increase the mic volume settings using the XMB. The max limit is 3 and I think Sony should FIX this RIGHT AWAY. They did NOT fix the issue in the 3.72 update.

The biggest problem that I see with these headsets are that when you put these on, your wireless router signals gets screwed up! So much that you simply won't be able to play ANY online game or even browse the internet.

I have ATT Uverse 12mb and that is MORE THAN ENOUGH to play online. At first, I didn't recognize that it was the headset messing with my internet so I was pretty frustrated with ATT for the first 2 days but then it didn't make sense so I ran speed test on PS3 from the XMB.

Turning on the headset and running the internet connection test resulted in pathetic downloan/upload speed estimated (as low as 650kbps for download). Ran the test thrice and results were around 600kb to 1Mbps.

Turned off the headset and PS3 reported 10Mbps as the estimated download speed and 1.5Mbps as upload. Rinse and repeat and it was clear as day and night that it was my headset. I didn't want to mess with the router settings so I simply plugged in an ethernet cable and connect my PS3 using that.

See, I was lucky that my modem is right besides my PS3 but if you have your router in some other room then running a wire could be a problem.

You can however easily change the CHANNEL settings of your router but I understand that some people aren't aware of this method. If that's you, you should call your service provider and ask them how to change your channel settings.

I think using an Ethernet connetion is the best thing. I should have done this years ago as there is minimal or no lag using ethernet cable. So if you can do that then go for it but remember that other devices conneted to your WiFi network won't work well (laptops, cellphones, tabs etc) so you will HAVE to mess around with the router settings to see which gives you the best results.

FACTUAL evidence2522d ago

I picked mine up like 3 days after R3 came out.

silkrevolver2522d ago

PERFECT for my place that I share with 4 other people. I don’t have to disturb anyone, and I can game allllll night long.

JoeReno2522d ago

These could have saved my last relationship. Hahaha came out a couple months too late.

Blaze9292522d ago

"that everyone can say is the competition to the Turtle Beach products."

I wouldn't go that far...

fuzion17c2522d ago

Glad I preordered these for $65 at Amazon!

Crazyglues2522d ago

Yeah my friend got it for that too, he was fast, I waited now I'm looking at having to pay 99.95

-But on the upside he says they are awesome, he loves them...


NexGen762522d ago

Wow that a great price i wonder if i can still find a price like that....

wiggles2521d ago

Is there anyway to use it with a smart phone?

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