Nintendo among top companies that employees are losing hope writes: "24/7 Wall St. has laid out a list of companies that is in turbulence and frankly, one major gaming company stood out."

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zeal0us2374d ago

I wonder what is 24/7 Wall St basing this off of. Stockholders? Stocks? Online Surveys/Polls

Shackdaddy8362374d ago

I would bet it's based stocks - which is just retarded...

tiffac0082374d ago

"24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of companies that are in deep trouble. This is based on share prices, layoffs, analysts' reports about their futures of these firms and the extent to which they have missed Wall St. predictions about earnings-per-share or are likely to in future"

Here is a more detailed link if anyone needs it:

badz1492374d ago

of course they are based on stock prices. it's Wall St. duhh...

but this doesn't indicate that Nintendo is doomed or whatever. just current condition, which can still be better or worst yet!

tiffac0082374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I mean remember when the Xbox brand was not making money these are probably the same guys who said it was not worth investing on and look where is the Xbox brand is now. Doing Great.

Lets not forget when Sony's stock started to go down in January and was hit hard by the hacking incident they also said Sony is in trouble but look where is Sony now. Stable.

No need to listen to these stock market guys they're analyst and analyst are hired to be paranoid.

Ninty has been in much worse shape than this and going by their past record they'll survive this.

Grimhammer002374d ago

Not really. Ninny's in the beginnings of a freefall.
Their 3ds is a comparative flop & after showing to shareholders & press their 16 upcoming game line up....everyone ran back to sell!

It's bound to happen. Economics suggests that whenever a company sees massive profits for a significant amount of time....a collapse will follow unless steps are taken. Ninny never bothered to branch out from their 2 table legs. Of course the table will fall over.

Cell phones have replaced what Ninny's handhelds can offer. Wii caters to a demographic that by definition are only gaming occasionally and with a few titles. They don't buy every new release and they don't prioritize gaming as their first choice of free time usage.

I don't mention this lightly, I'd like to see nintendo survive as is........but I think they have some massive growing to do.

Tanir2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

well said, bubz for u.

very true statement.

hopefully nintendo can learn to balance next time.i thinka sales surge will happen once the rerelease comes along and when there are actually games out

Khordchange2374d ago

there is no re release, and the sales have been fine after the price cut. look it up.

Ult iMate2374d ago

I agree.
But isn't 3DS still a top seller on a weekly basis after a pricecut?

meganick2374d ago

Yes it is, and with Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7 on the horizon, sales are sure to increase for 3DS a lot more.

Ult iMate2374d ago

@ meganick
That's the problem with current Nintendo's lazyness.
Mario Land and Mario Kart had to be ready for the launch and not after months and months of it. I think these problems that Nintendo is currently experiencing are mostly of that Nintendo is not hurrying making games.

meganick2374d ago

@Ult iMate
You're totally right. There are a number of flaws with the 3DS, but the biggest BY FAR was, and still is, the lack of quality games, especially at launch. But that'll change very soon.

Ult iMate2374d ago

@ meganick
>>But that'll change very soon.

Last time I heard, the Kid Icarus was delayed. So I don't think Nintendo will be making core titles on a regular basis (at least one strong quality game in two months) anytime soon - it's a problem in a system.

That's why I don't want a 3DS in the next couple of years - Nintendo make great games, but very very rarely (two or three in year for a platform).

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Heishiro__Mitsurugi2374d ago

^^^ truth. People are perhaps not as ignorant as Nintendo would like to think. and cellphones are replacing their products. Look at the average android phone. Can pretty much even play ds games with emulation. Lets not even mention they generally have touchscreens and are over 1ghz and have 512mb of ram.etc.

matey2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

only 40mb of ram is used 4 gaming on the best android sorry kid u got that wrong 3DS has 128mb of dedicates fast cycle ram just 4 gaming better than ps3

zero_gamer2374d ago

"Cell phones have replaced what Ninny's handhelds can offer."

But can you play Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, on a phone? The large fanbase of these franchises will not be satisfied with gaming on their phone instead of also buying a Nintendo system. So there will always be a large market for Nintendo in the dedicated gaming device market.

Really, all the Nintendo doom and gloom articles on this site alone are blowing things out of proportion. No doubt Nintendo took a hit but they are going nowhere but a recovery. The 3DS is selling just fine.

Ult iMate2374d ago

What Mario or Pokemon can you play on 3DS? There was plenty of time to get those games ready for the starting months but they are still not ready.

Yes, Nintendo has many great franchises, but they are so lazy making them on a regular basis.

zero_gamer2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Nintendo 3DS has a Paper Mario game, a Mario Land game, and a Mario Kart game announced for the 3DS. Pokemon for 3DS is likely in the works because you need to remember they released Black & White this year. How could they also release another generation of Pokemon on the 3DS early in the life cycle?

What Nintendo did wrong was they released the system too early with all its problems. If they waited until fall when the Mario games were ready to launch, Nintendo would have taken advantage of a better opportunity. Either way, the 3DS will succeed.

Oh and Nintendo DOES release games for these franchises on a regular basis. You must have been under a rock to believe otherwise. What do you expect though? Nintendo to release a Mario game a week? Don't you realize how much quality in the games will suffer if they have approach that? Now THAT would be lazy.

Ult iMate2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

@ zero_gamer
Yes. They announced Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Mario Land and other games more than a year ago at E3, but they are still not ready. And the 3DS is already out there for half a year.
Kid Icarus was delayed, and I heard nothing about the release date for Paper Mario.
So you buy 3DS only if you like to play the waitng game.

>>Don't you realize how much quality in the games will suffer if they have approach that?

That's a poor excuse for the lazyness. And not changes the simple fact of two or three strong games in year for a platform. They have tons of core franchises apart of Mario. I don't want only Mario every week as you say. I want one game of Nintendo's franchises every two months. I'm a gamer not a waiter.

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meganick2374d ago

The main problem with Nintendo is that they seem to operate in a bubble, unaware of what's going on around them in their own industry. The most frustrating thing about that is that their are countless examples of how to do things right that Nintendo is doing wrong. Nintendo needs to examine Sony, Microsoft and Apple, and they need to implement all the stuff that's working for those other companies like online, hardware design, online shops, etc.

gypsygib2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Nintendo's Wii success is like a guy that acted a certain way and some super hot girl slept with him. Then goes on to think that always acting that way will get more super hot girls. But the truth is, the guy got lucky and most super hot girls like a different kind of guy.

My point is that Nintendo is more concerned with being different just for the sake of being different than pushing gaming forward and being innovative. 3D was stupid this early on and the if Ninty wanted to be really innovative with Wii U, they would have done so with online services, not screen controller gimmicks.

All flash, no substance - Ninty has strong enough 1st party games that if they just participated in the power race again but actually encouraged 3rd party devs (didn't use stupid controllers/storage formats that can't hold multiplat games like N64 and GC/had proper online) they could do very well.

jacen1002373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

ok the wii was a gamecube with motion controls , so sticking powerfull bits of hardware together and bringing out the same games that play the same way is pushing the industry forward and is realy innovative? the most innovative thing in gaming the last couple of generations was motion controls that is why ms and sony are still on that bnandwagon and there next consoles will more than likley be pushing the GIMMICKY motion stuff which frankly has had its day unless your a granny/granda/aunt/uncle and they already own wii's, and the talk this time from the devs nintendo is back on the power bandwagon i think and the remedy is simple to get 3rd partys onboard just make a powerfull console

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