5 Things to Expect From the Wii U

The Wii U is on its way, and there are some things that I expect this time around. Considering the fact that at this point in time Nintendo is far behind Sony and Microsoft in the console war, the Wii U is going to have to be big, bold, and have lasting value in the market. Can Nintendo to it? Some may say no, but I say HELL YES! Nintendo was one of the pioneers of gaming, and have successfully created some of the most popular gaming franchises in history. They can definitely do it, but there are some things that they need to do.

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MoXxXi2492d ago

Wow, good read. Nintendo really needs to use the Wii U to get back into the gaming scene. Im basically just looking forward to HD graphics. I mean whats better then some good ol 1080p?

MelonSaurus2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I'm looking forward to the Wii U cause im such an egotistical Wii fanboy with no other systems to play. :)

MoXxXi2492d ago

Meh, another OoT port would be so useless...

Mike_Tha_Hero2492d ago

I still want to see how Nintendo handles it upon release. *looks at 3DS*

Ness-Psi2492d ago

as far as on-line goes I really hope Nintendo don't let third parties do what they want. I would hate to sign in to E.A service then have to sign in to ubisoft it would get confusing and tiring, I'd rather have friend codes instead of that.

I just hope they re-think the on-line situation.

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