New Dark souls gameplay, multiple videos

New gameplay videos recorded from the japanese version of dark souls on twitch tv.

Edit: Another 5 part stream recording.

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memots2493d ago

I don't know about this. Demon Soul gave me a run for my money and i still have to get back to it. Just can't find the time or is it .. can't find the courage??

Anyway not sure if ill ever be picking up this one.

Trey_4_life2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

LOL come on memots, man up!

Tanir2493d ago

ouch memots.....demon's souls is hard but not that hard.

if you are cautious and smart you will be fine. and its basically a learning thing, took me 110 hours to beat it the first time and i barley did any events and didnt get many weapons finishing it at lvl 54?

2nd fresh play through with new character, was lvl 121, had most of the weapons, did most of the white tendancy events, beat it in 21 hours with all that.

im very much looking forward to dark souls, it will be my game of the Generation for sure

mook10222493d ago


I'll be honest I never finished Demons Souls either. But I still play it and love it. I will enjoy and play its successor Dark Souls for what it is...a game and enjoy it for the experience whether I die a hundred, trillion, kazillion times...not sure if that last one was even a word! The games are challenging and for once without being led around like a lost baby I'll for twice be challenged. So hope that helped ya to make up your mind. Purchase games to play and enjoy, whether you beat them or not. ;)

Miiikeyyy2493d ago

Think I'm ganna pre-order it

mook10222493d ago

After watching more video...forgive me Skyrim...I will buy you as well, but please don't hate me if I overlook you whilst I play this epic looking game!!!

Tanir2493d ago

same thing is happening to me, Dark souls is my only priority, not gonna touch skyrim since they will just do a GOTY edition anyway lol.

skipping batman, gears, rage, dead island, heck i almost skipped uncharted 3, but me and my fiance play that together so i will play that at the same time.

i will beat dark souls twice before i even play any other game haha

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