John Carmack coded Quake on a 28-inch 16:9 1080p monitor in 1995

The image you see above is a classic shot of John Carmack hard at work programming some integral part of the now legendary game Quake.

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dotarray2497d ago

That's awesome, I've seen that picture floating around for years but never really paid attention to the monitor on the side.

I use 2x19s, my partner adds a 30 to the mix, so I guess we just get used to seeing ridiculously huge screens and don't think about the timeframe.

fr0sty2497d ago

Are those a pair of 3D shutter glasses on the bottom pic (on the desk to the left)?

smoothdude2496d ago

Looks like the technology hasn't changed too much from 1995!

fr0sty2496d ago

Well, shutter glasses have been around since the 70's, however they were never used commercially because there was heavy ghosting since the glasses couldn't open and shut very fast. the ones these days are much quicker, 120fps and faster. There's a chance that's what we're seeing here, one of those old school shutter glasses. Wiki lcd shutter glasses, you'll see they've been used in gaming since the 80's. however, as I found out at e3 2006 when i tried splitfish's lcd shutters for the PS2, only getting 30fps per eye is quite headache inducing. only now have the refresh rates on the glasses gotten to the point where i can watch my tv in 3d without getting a headache. at e3 2006, the image flickered really bad, and it was interlaced which made the flickering even worse. not to mention the ps2 wasn't actually rendering in 3d, the device was taking it's image and doing a simulated 3d effect with it.

Micro_Sony2497d ago

Anyone else notice the Nite quill cough syrup on the side? Jonny boy was mixing his margaritas with cough syrup ;)

kaveti66162497d ago

Back then video wasn't rendered in 1080p, was it?

Casepbx2497d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. PC's have been doing double 1080p for years now.

3GenGames2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

It was VGA 640x480 for the public because that was affordable, although it wouldn't surprise me developers has 480p usually and up to 720p usually, but saying it was common for even the best developers to have 1080p would even be stretching it I presume. It's not usually done for PC stuff either because it's advised you test mainly on your resolution, although he probably networked one for just that purpose somewhere else.

And my biggest questions is what programs did he use to compile it and edit his programming. :)

And also, major mistake in the article. [to me] He's a programmer, not a code, completely different types of computer workers.

Darkfocus2497d ago

640x480 was not the public domain standard in 95'. I was running 1280x1024 in 95'.... 640 was like the early early 90's like 91-2

3GenGames2496d ago

"Public domain standard" wtf? Public domain? You have no idea what your saying because they aren't even the same, public domain is copyrights. VGA was a standard made by the companies, and was never needed to pay royalties for! VGA WAS THE STANDARD starting about then. A little afterwards, but it was out there about 94It was actually still on 16-color monitors then but close enough.

And 95% of the population had 640x480 OR LESS. You're full of it.

Ju2497d ago

That's not a PC anyhow. Nice Silicon Graphics workstation. Most likely Irix or something; well Carmack worked on OpenGL, which was created by Silicon Graphics back than as IrixGL (well, he did work on the free Mesa implementation, if that's true).

I had a 21" tube back than (or earlier, don't really remember). I think I got that from the broke C= back then for cheap, lol. Could do 1280x1280 or something. Was awesome high res and huge real estate for the time. Doesn't match this. Now, 27" flat panel...

rfowler302497d ago

180 watts for a monitor, holy dar dangle nuts.

PirosThe4th2497d ago

It was probably a CRT 1080p monitor... damn

evrfighter2497d ago

I would kill for that monitor even today if it was crt

PirosThe4th2495d ago

I would since CRT support 3d... XD

blakstarz2497d ago about those glasses next to the Monitor? LOL!!

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