Resistance publisher shifting focus, PS4 release doubtful

There seems to be mixed feelings when it comes to the review of Resistance 3, which seems a shame, as it is a good game when all is said and done – so why are sales so poor? The game has only managed to shift around 274,000 copies, which considering the install base of the PS3 is a little shocking. There are many reasons why things are going wrong, but it is believed that the publisher is shifting its focus – no not to the PS4 either.

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KingSlayer2523d ago

We go through this shit with damn near every PS3 exclusive and guess what? They sell. Everyone seems to think they're supposed to pull COD/Halo numbers. And when the hell did 274,000 week of launch turn out to be bad numbers?

smashcrashbash2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I know. I was just talking about that the other day. We went through this with GOW3, GT5, UC2, Move, LBP 1 and 2, Infamous and we will go through it with UC3, TM and Starhawk with a thousand articles claiming the game is not selling because the game store in their area still has copies and how PS3 fanboys don't buy the games and their will never be another sequel to it. We heard the same thing about GT5 and Move until we found out they sold millions of copies. Just smile and shake you head. @ koehler83 and StarWolf your theories are pure BS.

Number_132523d ago

2nd week sales don't look very promising. Got overtaken by Dead Island on ps3.

BattleAxe2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

God of War, Uncharted and Gran Turismo are Sony's biggest hitters. I was happy with the single player campaign this time around, but the multiplayer was clearly tacked on. Resistance 2 got the multiplayer right for the Resistance series, I just wish they had stuck to that formula while giving us a gritty single player game also. I was so mad about the multiplayer that I traded all three Resistance games in and put the money towards Uncharted 3. No matchmaking or server browser for co-op?....please.. Resistance is definitely a dieing series, and if I do buy the PS Vita, I won't be buying Resistance: Burning Skies, but I will buy Uncharted: golden Abyss, and maybe even Call of Duty.

ReservoirDog3162523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Regardless though, after R3's ending, I kinda can't imagine a R4 (pay attention to the credits).

Still, Insomniac deserves better than even double those sales numbers. Games with no heart that are generic sequels in a tired modern-warfare-in-a-desert-wit h-a-boring-m16 genre get so much hype but a game with creative guns with a good story get basically overlooked.

Kon_Artist 2522d ago

because its not as good as 274,001

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farhsa20082523d ago

I got the special edition on day one and loving it.

I really hope more ps3 owners pick it up as it is excellent.
It's far more deserving than games like COD as it has a great campaign, great graphics, co-op and the best weapons in any game you will see!

VsAssassin2523d ago

This is so true. I can't even begin to imagine the uniqueness of every weapon in the game. The MP also features upgradeable weapons and skills. The mixing and matching rivals that of Killzone 2, if not better.

NukaCola2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Maybe the sad fact is Sony should get rid of every single exclusive and only release one or 2 a year like MS does. Deprive the hell out of the consumer, put 100million in ads to focus on one game. Or maybe they should continue to create these unique experiences and say screw the media and what game journalists think.

And well, almost every PS3 exclusive sells 2-6mil.. Only a handful don't so, well get bent.

And while I am pissed. I have read more than a half dozen resistance 3 exclusive saying they took points from it for not being innovating, while calling Gears 3 the sames old gears we all love and overlooking it's poor story, bad acting, and everything genreic about it. Gears 3 gameplay is outstanding, but it's got issues too which shouldnt get overlooked. Plus there are a lot of bogus sites hitting the meta just to see the R3 score go down, when Bit Gamer and even Ms's very own MSN can post to the meta, and aren't. In fact there are a few lower Gears reviews which seemingly don't get factored in.

Both games are AAA in my opinions, but this double standard needs to stop. And why is it that Sony has to take the blunt end of it? Sony has over 25 studios contuously creating new games all the time, and MS supports the same 3 or 4 titles year in and year out. Sony has been doing this for over 16 years now, and it bothers me this generation that there is 'fanboys' and 'biased'. This wasnt like this before Xbox was around. Gamers loved games all around, there were never DLC exclusiveness, there was never comparisons, there was never any push to market a multiplat as an exclusive, there wasnt a Meta, there were only a handful of reviews that had had a numerical score value. But maybe I am just expecting people to act like they did when I was growing up. Game media and how the industry is now, is like if Oprah or Jerry Springer would run it. All for hits, not for the games. BLOGS are looked at like reviews, trolling is rampant, and we wonder why the public wont see games as art and attack us. It's a damn shame. Being a gamer should be a chore, it's all about fun. Id hope to see gamers feeling that way again, but until then...only time will tell.

Boody-Bandit2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

DAMN. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
You just said what most gamers with common sense have been wanting to say for a long while now. Kudos to you NC!
+well said

Resistance 3, like nearly all Sony exclusives, will get it numbers. They almost always do.

smashcrashbash2523d ago

Well said. This gen is the worst ever. You should judge a game on its own merits not on the merits of another game

Simon_Brezhnev2523d ago

I agree with what you say. This crazy fanboy was never this crazy until Xbox came to the scene. Yeah the media have a lot of double standards. They act like Sony doesnt know what their doing for the past 16 years. Then all of sudden they hate the dual shock controller now. You didnt see them complain generations ago. This stupid generation started DLC and i blame it on Microsoft. DLC used to be free especially map packs on pc. DLC used to be called expansions that was worth the money not this lil crap they give us. People talk about the devs need money and blah blah blah. Well its like 6 years into this generation and wtf games still $59.99. It kills me how pc games are cheaper than consoles.

Number_132523d ago

Actually if ALL the gears 3 reviews we have seen on n4g made it on to metacritic then GEARS 3 would be averaging 93 instead of 91 so it's a double-edged sword so maybe mind what you're crying about. Also, why must every article that is negative about sony or ps3 be flooded with negative comments about microsoft or x360? What does thi article have to do with gears or microsoft? Does it make you feel better about this article bashing gears 3?
Anyway why are multiplatform games not counted as games around here? You say x360 owners are deprived of exclusives almost as if multiplats aren't available on 360 or somehow are lesser games. Sure more is better, but according to sales data ps3 owners aren't particularly THAT excited about their exclusives so why should 360 owners feel deprived?
It is awesome that ps3 has killzone 3 AND crysis 2, but I'm hardly going to lose any sleep knowing I can only play LA NOIRE and not Socom 4

aawells072523d ago

Thats how this site is dude i come here for the news and rarely look at the comments as its full of PS3 fannies desperatly trying to convince everyone thats its a good system lol im not saying it isnt as i own one myself for the Uncharted series but it ruins the comment section when these guys frantically cry and woory themselves to death. My guess the ones acting this way are most likely 10 to 15 yrs old.

aawells072523d ago

Also didnt know if you knew but Crysis 2 is also on X360

SAE2522d ago

agree that their are alots of fanboys , but that doesn't mean all n4g memebrs are fanboys , i bought 2 xbox360 , i bought 3 ps3's , im not a fanboy , i know what im saying , so here is my opinion , gears 1 was amazing , gears 2 sucks compared to gears 1 but i count it as a normal game , gears 3 looks stunning but i can't judge from the videos of gears 3 , that's how comments should be , you can't judge a game you didn't play it or you sucks at it , if you good at it then your opinion is welcome even if it have negative stuff , he have a good reason for not liking the game , he didn't hate it because he wasa sucks at it ...

the point of all that is that your comment isn't welcome because you didn't play ps3 exclusives , you just looked at reviews or videos , videos / demos / pictures doesn't show the real game , here is an example , i played inFAMOUS 1 demo andi didnt like it because i thought it's a super hero game like super man , but when my brother bought it i loved it because my thoughts about the full game isn't the same when i played the demo , same with little big planet / resident evil 5 ..etc

MaxXAttaxX2522d ago

If what you said was true, then you wouldn't have 3 bubbles left.

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Number_132523d ago

also I cannot believe you are pretty much blaming everything that you see wrong on xbox. That is just laughable

TBM2523d ago


I've been saying this generation of gamers is the absolute worst. All of a sudden comparisons and sells have become all the rave when most of us didn't give a damn about it then. I love the resistance series, and i really like the gears series so i don't care what stupid media thinks.

SAE2522d ago

agree , it's all about marketing now not making amazing games to have fun with , i still remeber sega / ps1 / ps2 days , it was amazing , i never saw a review for any game , there wasn't trophies , no comparing , no talk about sales , each game i buy have different gameplay and new things....etc

we play befor for fun , we enjoy playing , but now alots of people play for trophies , fighting for sales ...etc

that's why im getting bored of gaming....

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Unicron2523d ago

How the hell do you get "PS4 release doubtful" from this crap? Wow N4G, keep hitting new lows with approvals plz.

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