Ninja Gaiden 3 not for the hardcore only anymore – Hero Mode sees to that nicely

There are some interesting innovations on Ninja Gaiden 3 like Hero Mode for those of us who need help to get through the game’s story – you can enable this and automatically block and dodge most of the normal attacks you are faced with

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Hufandpuf2525d ago

They dumbed this game down so much. An easy mode? Just to get through the story? Who cares or even knows what it's about? Getting through hard bosses or areas is what makes the game shine not the story or the easiness.

-Mika-2525d ago

Stop with your elitist attitude. There will be multiple difficult setting for you so just stop.

Hufandpuf2525d ago

elitist? Making a traditionally hard game easy is not good. It's like giving demon souls an easy difficulty so that people will see the story when that's not the point of the game.

-Mika-2525d ago

Both of your post in this article is a perfect example of an elitist attitude. There will be multiple difficulty settings. Noone is forcing you to play on easy.

So what if the previous games were really hard. The thing you need to understand is that some people like playing the game through the easy difficulty to understand the story and basically get a feel of the game.

When i play a GOW game. I play on easy first. Now usually after i beat it on easy. I would usually go through the game on normal or hard to perfect what i learnt from playing on easy.

soundslike2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

It would be fine if they designed the game around the harder setting and toned it down to add the easy mode. Thus maintaining balance because its easier to please with an easy mode than it is with artificial difficulty boosters for people who like it challenging.

If they maintain that philosophy, the game will be great for everyone! If not, it should crash and burn.

UnSelf2524d ago

if u need to play games on easy u shouldnt be playing games at all

Buuhan12524d ago

@UnSelf: Playing easy mode means you shouldn't be playing games? Maybe you're the one who shouldn't be playing games. Last time I checked Easy mode was part of most games, so there's nothing wrong with using them. A-DERP~

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LOGICWINS2524d ago

@Hufandpuf- An easy mode won't stop you from playing the game on SUPER Titanium Katana extreme mode. Theres no reason you should be complaining about this because it won't stop you from playing the game the way you want to play it.

It's optional.

Hufandpuf2524d ago

1st . No decapitation, not nearly as much blood,
2nd. they included Easy.

I see a pattern here.

Result, not as hard as the originals. Aren't sequels about improving the game around an existing formula. I'm all for innovation, but this is as backwards as giving Max Payne a cover mechanic (which they did)!

limewax2524d ago

OMG less blood and an easy mode, so your actually going to whine that an extra difficulty and a reduction of an effect is going to destroy the game? Ok you enjoy your attitude towards game design, you clearly have no idea of how it works at all.

If you want to speculate, go get an SDK, then come back and see if your comment is the same. It's the infamous rule, the guy who doesn't play guitar is the guitarists biggest critic

riksweeney2524d ago

I'll play it on whatever setting makes the camera work properly.

tickticktick2524d ago

They ruined the game when they added QTE. Ninja Gaiden "was" a game based on skill, now it's just mash buttons and wait for the QTE. Was once a fan, now I'll just pass.

CoLD FiRE2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I second that. I hated the invisible walls in NG2 and now they're adding these stupid "press X to not die" QTEs.

cutelittleoshawott2524d ago

Was never really a fan to the Easy Difficulty but I'll give it a spin I guess.