Epic Games President Mike Capps Looks to the Future

Forbes: "Epic Games has launched the final chapter in its bestselling Gears of War trilogy, but it’s not the end of the Microsoft franchise by any means. The studio has Bulletstorm, which shipped earlier this year through Electronic Arts and was developed by Epic’s Polish studio, People Can Fly. There’s also the mobile hit, Infinity Blade, which Epic’s Salt Lake City studio, Chair Entertainment, created for iOS devices. And there’s Unreal Tournament, the shooter franchise that put Epic on the map.

Epic has also expanded to Korea and China over the years in an effort to bring its Unreal Engine 3 technology to Asian massively multiplayer online games. And with the launch of Nintendo’s WiiU next year, Epic’s game engine will be used across all three major game consoles for the first time. That same technology is also becoming popular in the booming mobile and tablet gaming space. Mike Capps, PhD, president of Epic Games, talks about what the future holds for these games and othe...

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Chaostar2525d ago

Good interview.

Now that Epic is done with Gears, they have the opportunity to create a new multi-plat game to show what their engine is really capable of over all platforms.