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LAG - "Video game cities can be dull and lifeless or creative and exciting. They help shape and envision the world in which they exist and are often the setting you reminisce about when thinking of the game. This list is made up of the 10 cities, towns, or villages that anyone would(or should) want to live in. Considering everyone’s opinions are different and people enjoy living in different places, this list can be different for everyone. *Warning* Mild Spoilers Ahead *Warning*. Also, if you want to see the pictures in their full size, just click on the image. Enjoy."

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WriterX2561d ago

My fear of any game related city is... would I become one of those "Standing around on spot" NPCs? Or maybe one of those generic NPCs that keep on bumping into walls? What if I ended up in a nice town which has to be destroyed by some army of demons or monsters? If *I* had a choice on the matter, Rapture is my City. That is, as long as I did not end up as a puppet under control.