GameInformer: Tropico 4 (Xbox 360) Review- Building A Masterpiece With Clunky Tools

GameInformer: "Playing around with the smaller details of Tropico’s people and economy is where the 360 port stumbles. Flipping through the Almanac’s many pages and sub-reports, which contain reams of critical information about every aspect of your society, is a simple task with a mouse and a profoundly obnoxious chore with the Xbox’s cumbersome d-pad. Likewise, managing building modes and citizen actions is a pain with a gamepad where it’s smooth and easy on PC. You can pause the game while you plod through the menus, but it doesn’t make the process any more fun.

Tropico 4 is a great game that suffers from a few regrettable issues on console. Assuming the sound problems get fixed (or you install it to your Xbox’s hard drive), I heartily recommend it as the simulation/city-builder of choice on 360 despite the less-than-ideal gamepad interface."

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