Sharkoon X-tactic SR gaming headset review

The Sharkoon X-tatic SR is a multi-platform headset that works great for the gamer who uses multiple systems and won’t break the bank. Even though this headset is designed for multiple systems it gives a crisp 3D sound that competes with some of the most expensive headsets on the market.

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gogospeedracer2251d ago

Looks pretty sick! I might have to look into these. I do a lot of voice recognition on my computers. If it works well with them, I might have to get this.

Nate-Dog2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Nice review. They seem interesting and from the sounds of the review they sound pretty good. I'm not sure I'd ever really want to pay such a price for a gaming headset but if it works with X360 and PS3 and aswell my PC (since I need a decent headset for things such as Skype and other things) it could be worth it in the long run.

Wow, just checked online and these are €185 not even including postage, that doesn't even make sense if they're only $135 in the US. :S

rmoar2251d ago

As much as I would love to have a super high-end gaming headset, that price tag is super prohibitive, especially for those not in the U.S.

BakedGoods2251d ago

They're not wireless?

I'll stick with the PX5's.

ares21al2251d ago

Not Wireless but also no batteries needed and Ultra comfortable

flipmop442251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

That was my initial thought but once I played with them they are seriously comfortable and sound incredible and won me over.

ares21al2251d ago This might be an option for the overseas guys

NobleRed2250d ago

I got them for 105 euros from a german retailer. The headset is great. Light weight and has better sound quality than the previous model (X-Tactic Digital). Especially when it comes to bass sound effects.

I use them on my ps3 and I recommend them.