Should Difficulty Settings Exist Anymore?

Take a look at Doom. The easiest setting was named ’I'm too young to die’ and the hardest setting known as ‘Nightmare’. Everything else was a selection of extremes, resulting in a game that was either too easy to the point of presenting no challenge whatsoever, or so hard that it would make you want to tear your own hair out!

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gogospeedracer2492d ago

Yes, yes they should. Everyone likes options!
This is like asking, 'Should there be decaf coffee?'

See my point?

Wintersun6162492d ago

Agreed. Options are good. I actually prefer having multiple difficulty settings than an automatic one, because we most probably aren't going to see a well implemented automatic difficulty setting any time soon. And besides, some people just like to play games on easy and others like the challenge. It was a great feeling when I beat Uncharted on Crushing for the first time, to overcome the challenge. If the game had adjusted the difficulty on the fly to make it moderately challenging but not so hard, that satisfaction would've been taken away from me. So yes, difficulty settings should continue to exist.

DeadlyFire2492d ago

If there are no options game would be piss poor easy to support casual market and games will suck. On the other hand games could be challenging and engaging. Would drastically vary per developer if this were the case.

Venox20082492d ago

yes.. because some are more experienced players, some not.. it's good that you can have settings to choose from

Quagmire2492d ago

Slow news day perhaps.

What's tomorrows headline, "Should games be fun?"

KingPin2492d ago


if there is only one difficulty, gamers will whine more than usual.

either the game will be too easy or too hard.

if its too easy, hardcore gamers will complain its not a challenge and can be finished in x amount of time.
if its too hard, players new to the genre will struggle like hell, get sick and tired of dying and restarting that theyll give this game bad reviews.

there is no need to remove difficulty levels from games. that way everyone gets to enjoy this game.

NeloAnjelo2492d ago

Who would even ask this? Of course it should exist.

waltyftm2492d ago

Difficulty settings can drastically change how you play certain games, playing Uncharted 2 on Easy it is fun to run and gun, but Crushing difficulty is a whole new experience of pain and hurt.

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The story is too old to be commented.