How Crytek Can Make a Better Homefront, and Why It May Not Matter

Kotaku: Is the new Homefront necessary? Pardon that imprudent question, but when a man is drowning in a sea of first-person shooters, may he question the next bucket?

This morning we got the non-surprise news that THQ will bring us a Homefront 2 coupled with the surprise news that the game will be made by Crytek, people who have made first-person shooters that people love.

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Saryk2437d ago

I was not impressed with Homefront. Maybe it is the whole America being invaded thing, which I find unbelievable………

theEx1Le2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

No country in the world is safe from invasion if a huge war broke out. Although the Homefront story was at a stretch almost unlikely. It was an ok game. Felt like it was ripping on cod and BF too much. The point system though was quite good for MP, if not a little unbalanced.

Shackdaddy8362437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Meh. Homefront's story was really far-fetched. It would have been a lot more believable if it was China instead of N. Korea.

Anyways, America is probably one of the most unlikely country to be attacked by another country just because of the fact that:

1. We are very isolated from everyone else. This doesn't matter as much as it used to but it's still a very good advantage.
2: We have the strongest military in the world in terms of tech.(We have a lot of numbers too but China and India still beat us in that aspect). We have the best Navy, Air Force, and (arguably) the best infantry.
3: Basically every world power is our "friend" in some way. Even China would come to our rescue simply because of the economic significance we have on the world. Some of the only people that would actually be willing to maybe attack us is Iran or Pakistan.
4: We have a shit ton of nukes. And all our allies have a shit ton of nukes.

palaeomerus2437d ago

I suspect that originally it WAS China invading. Then THQ realized how much of their studios are in China and Shanhai and they thought about it real hard and said how about a crazily redefined North Korea instead?

Kee2437d ago

There's too many FPS games... Developers need to understand this...

I'm treading cautiously here:
Some FPS games do good things, but they also do things that are really bad which put you off of them. It's hard to explain. Where is the perfect FPS game? There is none. They all have little things that annoy me.

death2smoochie2437d ago

" Where is the perfect FPS game? There is none. They all have little things that annoy me."

There is no perfect game. Not FPS games. Not RPG games. Not JRPG games. Not TPS games. Not RTS games. Not MMO's. Nothing.

Kee2437d ago

Well, yeah. But some games get it damn close. I just think it's a genre that is constantly falling short of my expectations.

ATi_Elite2436d ago

as i look over at my game shelf i see my hard copies of Half Life, Far Cry, Doom, and Half Life 2 and i smile and little PERFECT 10's!!

k3x2437d ago

"Pardon that imprudent question, but when a man is drowning in a sea of *identical* first-person shooters, may he question the next bucket?"

I'm not sure about anybody else, but having a lot of options when choosing a product, a game, a movie never really bothered me that much. Quite the opposite, in fact. I do like to have as many options as possible and I don't really understand why anybody would consider it a bad thing.

The problem is, what we've been looking at lately in the case of the FPS genre is more like a huge store shelf filled with the exact same product that tastes and smells exactly the same; the only difference is, the packaging is a little different - sometimes.

TheDivine2437d ago

Homefront was awesome. My only gripe was it was too short and the ending sucked major a**. The campaign was great overall and multiplayer was possibly my favorite fps. It had the controls of cod and the bigger maps and higher playercount of battlefield. The battlepoints system is far better than killstreaks imo. Il get homefront 2 day 1.