Great Games for your Family Library

GamerFitNation's MyaSharona takes a look at some current and upcoming releases that are worth considering as an addition to your family library. "So you just picked up Gears of War 3, or you’ve been playing through Dead Island, OR you’re waiting patiently to add Saints Row: The Third or Assassin’s Creed Revelations to your library. Why not expand your family gaming library by adding some of the games that you can enjoy with your kids."

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This is the article I wanted to read!

xtheownerzx2559d ago

There are a ton of family games coming out that. If you have kids you should take advantage of these great titles.

fredolopez2559d ago

i can imagine Happy Feet 2 being a fun game for everyone, great list!!!

CaptainMarvelQ82559d ago

I suggest Shadows of the Damned for the whole family.

bfigaro2559d ago

Happy Feet Two is going to be amazing!!!!

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