Nintendo’s Future Uncertain as Hardware Sales Decline

RipTen: There was once a time where Nintendo seemed untouchable. It was the golden boy of the video game industry, with many beloved well-known pixel protagonists behind its brand. People could look to Nintendo for innovation, something mindblowingly new that would take gaming to the next level.

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Vagrant2560d ago

Nintendo has a lot more competition now than it used to.

NESpower2560d ago

Everybody does. My bets are on nintendo pulling ahead.

Canary2560d ago

Very true. And that competition resulted in Nintendo's increasing irrelevance in the mainstream console market. Nintendo's "domination" with the Wii was fairly recent, and fairly unexpected.

Lazy_Sunday2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

They've sold almost 100 million Wii consoles, with plenty of profit to benefit them in their way through failure.
I've always felt like every *other* Nintendo console is successful. N64 was a huge success, then Gamecube was 'meh.' Then the Wii, now the WiiU (which seems to be kinda 'meh' so far). Sure the GC had great games--as the WiiU will--and it delivered the graphical performance, but it wasn't as successful as the PS2.

fatstarr2559d ago

tired of all these dooms day articles. the system is in its first year. once q4 comes and goes then everyone should make their analysis the wii is in its 6th year any analyst can tell you for something technology wise to be 6 years old with no revisions to keep selling 10k a week is a miracle.

the 3ds will be successful once the masses learn more and more about it. i expect it to be at 10million world wide by jan 15 2012.

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Sigmarue2560d ago

I'm not sure whether or not to blame Nintendo's much-too-long stint with casual gaming, or people outgrowing its hardware.

dangert122560d ago

Blame both...blame nintendo

thesummerofgeorge2560d ago

I'm Canadian, and I can confirm that we are indeed to blame. Sorry...

iamnsuperman2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

To be fair the Wii was a one hit thing. Massive amounts of it sold out quickly. Since the middle to the end of the cycle it has gone down hill....but so what? It sold a hell of a lot but quickly.

The Wii U will be interesting. If it successful it will cattlepult the new generation. If it doesn't then Sony and Microsoft will be less eager.

ozstar2560d ago

See the problem with your short term theory (the one that supposes Wii Sports sold the Wii by itself) is that Wii Fit sold over 40 mill, Mario Kart sold over 28 million, and New SMB Wii sold 22 mill. as well.

Kinect sold 10 million copies also, and that was AFTER the IPhone went huge. Given these numbers, you're right that quick sales are good, but these huge numbers for multiple titles tell you they kept it going, and its still going into 2011 (its just not OUR sorts of games). For example, it hasn't prevented Just Dance 2 from selling more than Blops and Kinect Adventures this year.

The market for Wii has been saturated, the console, not the games, which is fine, because Nintendo are going to market WII U as an "expansion" of sorts on the previous Wii.

MultiConsoleGamer2560d ago

Seems pretty sensationalist. And the author seems to be ignoring the heavy financial woes of the competition.

You can't talk about the alleged future of a company without adressing the market as a whole. Just sayin...

Anon19742560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Sure you can focus just on one company. It doesn't matter what Sony and Microsoft are doing. Nintendo has it's work cut out for it. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo relies heavily on the portable gaming market. When you look at their financials, Wii revenue historically came in second to the monster that was Nintendo's mobile game business. Now the mobile game market has drastically changed with widespread smart phone use, company's like Reuters are declaring the 3DS a flop (and investors listen) and developers are reported as holding back from 3DS development to wait and see what happens.

Microsoft isn't into the mobile market in any real way. Sony is, but the mobile platforms and software were never a huge chunk of their business. For Nintendo, the portable market WAS almost their entire business for the longest time with the Gameboy and the DS bringing in the lions share of their revenue.

And the market has changed. So now what? How does Nintendo replace the huge revenue hole left by falling Gameboy Advance and DS hardware and software sales? Face it, Nintendo has already been forced to cut the price of the 3DS, and the boost has already worn off, the games are considered lackluster, the stock price has fallen 50% this year alone, and Nintendo recently slashed their forecast for the year to a 27 year low. 27 year low "as it braced for losses from the 3D gadget."

Execs are taking 50% pay cuts because of the poor performance. Hell, Capcom simply announced that they were bringing Monster Hunter to the 3DS and their share price plummeted.

I'm not one to say the ship's going down prematurely - but when you're standing waist deep in water it's time to start looking for a life boat.

MultiConsoleGamer2560d ago

If you think the portable market is all about Nintendo VS Sony you are wrong.

Stealth2k2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

"iSuppli predicts Nintendo will sell 70 million 3DS gaming systems by 2015, a figure that is 21 million less than the 91 million in sales racked up by the original DS at the same point in its sales cycle," according to the Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Yeah. An apple website wouldnt be bias. And 1 bias site is the only site we should be listening too? Most analysts have the 3ds selling over 14 million units in its first fiscal year which would be more than the ds did. Anything beyond that is pure baseless speculation.

"The 2010 market share of Nintendo DS fell from 70% in 2009 to 57%. Nintendo's growth has also been damaged by the rise of the iPad and iPhone. "

False. Those marketshare reports were confirmed BS when it was determined that less than 60 percent of all ios owners game on it. And those numbers are never used by any legit analyst.

Nintendo has the 3ds outselling the ds fiscally for its first year by a couple million units.

Considering the 3ds is number 1 in US, japan, and maybe europe right now proves this is bs

NESpower2560d ago

Exactly! An Apple website predicting Nintendo sales? Man please. The funny thing is, despite any decline...they are still ahead of the big 3. Apple is not in this. Nobody ever says, "the big four" at

tiffac0082560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

And you know the funny thing is even if lets say all that is true for the sake of argument.

How is selling 70 Million a bad thing?!

Its like these writers hasn't seen the history of the console industry? Its rare to have a next generation platform to out do a much more successful predecessor. Not to mention predicting a success of a device this early in its lifetime is just premature.

Furthermore gaming devices are a WANT not a NEED. So there are too many factors to consider in how it will sell because its main purpose is to play games. Not to be a reader, phone or whatever.

So these outrageous expectations and putting it side by side with a device that can fill the NEED of a consumer are just silly and immature in my belief.

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