New PlayStation Exclusive IP in the Works by GOW Team, Possibly Open World

With God of War 3 having released back on early 2010, it’s a safe bet that Sony Santa Monica are quite far along with the development of their next game. No one is really sure what the studio is working on, with many speculating that they are developing a new GOW, perhaps set in a different mythological setting. However, a recent job listing now confirms that they are working on a new IP, although no platforms are specified.

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R4MBO2273d ago

Open world? This could be awesome.

Sev2273d ago

Indeed, especially since anything Sony Santa Monica touches is great.

Looking forward to this.

NewMonday2272d ago

don't forget SSM are co-developing Starhawk

Mozef2272d ago

No wonder, I'm in love with God Of War III.

alexcosborn2272d ago

Agreed. Very exciting news.

pedo_across-the-road2273d ago

Could be heavenly sword 2 because there were rumors floating around that heavenly sword 2 would be open world

NewMonday2272d ago

true, but by a British developer

Mozef2272d ago

Amen Kudos to Heavenly Sword 2

FlameBaitGod2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

"New PlayStation Exclusive IP"

Not a sequel or known IP

DaTruth2273d ago

As much as I like GOW, I prefer something new, especially something open world with destruction!

I like destroying open worlds!

firelogic2273d ago

Sucker Punch is also hiring for "their next big thing."

dgonza402273d ago

Getting me all excited for the coming years...


hiredhelp2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

We got good 5 years left in this small black box. Lets hope for ps3 , vita too if needed but ps3 first.
Open world wow mind boggles ? Mythology / open world hmmm..........

pain777pas2273d ago

This is exactly the direction i wanted them to take he series. It is built for the immersion of lording over the people and their reactions change as you make key decisions that will affect their lives. They can retain the Zelda and Castevania elements and just immerse you in 3 levels ground, air and underworld. They could keep it in Athens for all i care but retain the 3 distinct worlds. They could go the Assassins creed route with many cities to war with aswell. I will go nuts if they announce this.

nolifeking2273d ago

What part of "NEW IP" eludes you?

pain777pas2273d ago

Hell a man can dream. Anyway anything from SMS should be a high quality product at the very least. Yeah GOW, SMS and open world got me excited and I lost focus. Pardon my reading and comprehension skills.

jdfoster2273d ago

The Getaway maybe? Rumours about that a few months back...

TXIDarkAvenger2273d ago

new ip.

People need to start reading the articles and not just the titles.

egidem2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I'm a huge fan of open world games. Sony Santa Monica studios would be doing something extremely awesome if this is an open world game. It's amazing how we don't even know what they are working on but some of us are excited about it! :D Just goes to show that some studios' announcements are always wanted/be heard of.

I had a rough time reading the article while Kratos was staring at me like that.

knowledge4lfe2272d ago

hahahahaha. oh shoot. good joke..... oh wait, i dont think your joking. you keep running around shooting pigeons and skinning animals.

showtimefolks2272d ago

for ps3 exclusives wise in 2012. GDC is our best bet if we gonna get the games in the same year. If its at E3 than most likely a 2013 release date

twisted metal
last guardian
sly 4

4 big exclusives already confirmed for 2012. LOL an i was saying sony has nothing announced, 4 exclusives for other companies are in one year but with sony i expect more because of their 1st party.

But 2012 could be a year where sony has those 4 exclusives for ps3 and rest of their energy on VITA launch maybe?

either way should be big for gamers

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XeoZin2273d ago

--Vehicular combat and shooting games--

That kinda made me loose alot of interest..

Simon_Brezhnev2273d ago

Yep i just lost all interest. Im sick of shooters.

TOO PAWNED2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

(--Vehicular combat and shooting games-- ) is old, before Starhawk was announced. Starhawk is co developed by Santa Monica & Lightbox interactive.

This is NEW IP, nothing to do with announced stuff aka Starhawk, Heavenly Sword, God of war.

Santa Monica is huge studio, they co develope so many games.

Disccordia2272d ago

Technically starhawk is a new ip

decimalator2273d ago

Wow, I'd love another good open world game, and they did a great job with GOW3.

thebudgetgamer2273d ago

if Santa Monica is making it i'm buying it.

Undeadwolfy2272d ago

I know right? In my eyes, everything they touch turns to sold!

Why o why2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

damn... I hate new ip exclusive games... I'd rather celebrate sales and marketshare because, you know, i benefit from those


DigitalRaptor2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )


Santa Monica are an awesome dev. Diverse.

Imagine the GOW engine running an open world format.. *drools uncontrolably*

Lifewish2273d ago

I like what you did there with the /s

GTRrocker2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Well aren't you clever...