RoboAwesome's NHL 12 (Xbox 360) | Review

"Last year I had a strange itch for a hockey video game. I am sure many of you get that random feeling where you want to play something completely different than your typical genres, well this was a great example of such. I purchased NHL 11 for the Xbox 360 and was floored by how fun this game was. Normally with a sports game I tend to play a season along with a handful of online games and my thirst is quenched. That usually lasts about a week maybe? In the case of NHL 11, that thirst went on for months at a time. It truly held my interest for quite some time until my Xbox died. Luckily I had obtained a new Xbox earlier this year just in time for NHL 12, but how does it hold up against the last version, as well as other sports games?"

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Moduserous2346d ago

It will always be about Ice Hockey for the NES.

Sidology2346d ago

Yeah, but is there a mode where everything you do will turn into a fist fight?